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Friday, November 16, 2007

La Traviata

Last night's production of Verdi's "La Traviata" with Renee Fleming as Violetta at The Met was an outstanding experience. Besides the obvious attractions (the acclaimed Renee Flemming, the Met's orchestra, Verdi's music, exquisite sets, etc) what made the evening flawless for me was the price of my ticket: $26!
(Which I didn't pay as my friend Rita treated me --thank you Rita!)

Opera Ticket © The Metropolitan Opera NY

$26 for a seat at a world class performance in an extraordinary city. A great reminder what a metropolis (no pun intended) New York truly is. Much has been said about how much New York has changed over the last two decades, but fundamentally, much has stayed constant, like New York's tenacity & complexity and most of all New York's constant quest for the best.
Admiring the Met's concert hall, I was reminded of a much older New York, as portrayed in one my favorite movies (and books): "The Age of Innocence" .
A film about New York (society) in the 1870's directed by New Yorker Martin Scorsese based upon the Pulitzer price winning novel by another New Yorker, Edith Wharton.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ida Pearle

Native New Yorker and gifted artist Ida Pearle is a dear long term friend of mine. Another talented Cooper Union graduate, trained in drawing and painting, Ida creates intricate yet streamlined collages out of fine papers, informed by childhood memories and their interpretations. Ida creates serene visuals that comfort and inspire. Conceived for children, her beautiful and innovative imagery is also a treat for any adult.

No 6 © Ida Pearle

Ida's process is informed by her classical training and every work requires careful planning and sketching. You can find out more about her process on her website: www.idapearle.com
Ida has a children's book coming out next year, but in the mean time you can purchases her collages directly via her website: www.idapearle.com or her alphabet cards via www.mahardrygoods.com
If the work of Ida Pearle inspires you and you want to see more collage, I would suggest the late work of Matisse and the current work of Kara Walker.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Evelyne Drouot

Touareg-Bird ©Evelyne Drouot

One of my favorite painters is New York based Evelyne Drouot, who paints on giant canvases with vibrant oil colors reminiscent of Rousseau & Kahlo. A few years ago we had the opportunity to acquire my favorite painting of hers and it still has the power to completely absorb my thoughts when looking at it.
Ms. Drouot herself is as enticing as her paintings and if you have the opportunity to meet her you should not pass it up.