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Friday, November 30, 2007

Bikini Time

It's that time of the year when lots of sample sales are going on. Malia Mills has one coming up:

December 4th, 5th, and 6th, 2007
10 - 7pm.
263 W. 38th Street, 16th floor.
Credit Cards and Cash accepted!

Lulu at BAM

New York offers an endless amount of cultural opportunities. Last night we went to see Frank Wedekind's "Lulu" ( in German with subtitles) at BAM. The Harvey Theater is a fantastic and easy to reach venue, actually reminiscent of Berlin in many ways, and thus a perfect stage for the Hamburg Thalia Theater's very modern production of this play. I must confess I am not a theater buff and I suspect that was the reason the play did not totally engage me. However I thought the vision of director Michael Thalheimer was very strong. This thoroughly minimalist & modern adaption of the play was very feminist in tone, regardless of it being essentially the story of a prostitute. I found Fritzi Haberlandt to be effective and charismatic as the main protagonist and the performance did make me think. After seeing "La Traviata" recently - based on a novel more than 150 years old and "Lulu", a 100 year old play, I reflected on how the story of 'a woman of ill repute' seems to preoccupy society to this day and the different treatments of the topic it prompts --"Pretty Woman" also comes to mind --on the other end of the spectrum. The New York Times' Jonathan Kalb reviewed "Lulu" on November 25, 2007 in an article titled "The Nymphette Is a Lethal Weapon".

Lulu © BAM

Ingwa ; Melero

Some time ago I fell in love with a dress that I saw in in the window of the now defunct Calypso 'Vintage' Store (Christiane Celle's Calypso is of course still going strong, but I miss the particular set up of the 'Vintage' store) .
My husband gifted me the dress and I still love it and since have also acquired it in a different color.
The designer was Ingwa ; Melero . Turns out Ingwa ; Melero are two women my age who also hail from the North of Germany . They have said that they draw much inspiration from craft books that their moms referenced when they were children and I suspect we share a similar aesthetic based on similar childhood impressions -- thus possibly the reason why I respond so much to their clothing.
What is great about their dresses in particular is that they work for many different body types and really celebrate all women.
They have a sample sale going on through Saturday at: 325 West 38th Street-- Cash Only!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Coins from Countries I Traveled to/from this Year

These are coins from countries I have spent time in this year.
Technically I also visited Singapore, but since that was really just a stop over on my way to Bali and because I only have a bill but no coin left from that trip, it is not included.
In my day to day life I use less and less cash and I wanted to take a step back and look at cash money.

click on the image to enlarge image by Nina Buesing

My favorite coin might be the one Cent from The Bahamas. I love that it depicts a sea star, it's so evocative of my trip there. I like the deer on the Canadian quarter too, it's quite beautiful.
And I find the difference in style of the eagles on the American, German and Indonesian coins interesting to compare. The sea faring theme of the Belizean coin is neat -- as is its shape.
Many of the coins make me nostalgic and thus make perfect souvenirs.
NOTE: The one Euro coin pictured above obviously is valid as currency of the European Union and not an exclusive German money , however the particular eagle references Germany and indicates this particular Euro coin was issue by The Federal Republic of Germany.

Travel Deal

Check out: www.plumandlion.com about two traveling for the price of one on on Virgin America between major towns in the US.
Thanks Rona!

L'asso - Pizza & Beer

L'asso at 41 Kenmare (@ Mott Street) has delicious brick-oven-thin-crust-pizza for $1 a slice and $3 a draft beer during Happy Hour (Monday through Friday 5-7 pm currently).
L'asso's Happy Hour is a great deal, however this is a good place to get a solid slice and/or a nice salad anytime. The staff is polite and accommodating. L'asso delivers and is vegetarian & vegan friendly.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sesame Street revisited

Sesame Street was my absolute favorite as a child (however the Sesame Street - aka Sesamstrasse- I watched was a little different since it was dubbed into German and German produced segments with original characters were added). I also watched lots of Muppet Show.
The original Sesame Street was just released on DVD as Sesame Street: Old School and apparently comes with a warning label!
Find out more about this by listening to today's Brian Lehrer Show
with guest Virginia Heffernan:

Monday, November 26, 2007

Rona Chang

The formidable Rona Chang recently joined Nymphoto.
Rona was introduced to me by Maria Passarotti, and the more I look at her work: www.ronachang.com and her blog: www.plumandlion.com, the more excited I am to get to know Rona more.
Artists are a funny breed. Lots of artists travel, lots of artists spend time alone or need to spend time alone, but at the same time much about art is about connecting and communicating.
And it is so exciting to meet people who can further your knowledge (& communication) about topics you care about.
Through Rona's blog I came across the fabulous Danny Seo, who is like a greener version of Martha and his blog: www.dannyseo.typepad.com; Rona's blog made me take another look at photographer Simon Roberts and she beat me to blogging about the Explorer.
Take a look at Rona's blog and explore her extensive portfolio via her website showing thought provoking imagery from all over the world.

click on the image above to enlarge it © Rona Chang

Where Are All the Women?

Jerry Saltz's article "Where Are All the Women?" is well worth reading. It has much to do with why Nymphoto was started.
It is incomprehensible to me that not even works by Georgia O'Keefe, Louise Bourgeois nor Frida Kahlo are included in the MOMA's permanent display of its collection. The popularity of these three artists alone should be enough for inclusion.
You can email MOMA at: info@moma.org

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Your Daily Awesome - Photography Archive

The now retired www.yourdailyawesome.com blog has a neat photography archive worth browsing through. You'll find images of senior citizen reenacting historic imagery from the 20th century, documentary photography depicting the Norwegian Black Metal scene, photographs from the Sidney Police archive from the 1930's along with photography by Asako Narahashi and Corey Arnold and much more.
WARNING: Some of the photography you mind find offense, macabre or some of the afore mentioned blog's topics might not
be suited for children.

Geraldo Valerio

My dear friend Geraldo Valerio is another gifted artist who has illustrated several children's books.
Geraldo hails from beautiful Brazil and currently resides in gorgeous Canada and his latest book (in collaboration with Eileen Spinelli) was just published in China after being acclaimed in North America.

Do YOU Have a Hat? © Gerlado Valerio

"Do You Have a Hat?"
was also selected for the 2007
Cheerios Spoonful of Stories reading
campaign, an initiative
aimed at promoting the love of books in youngsters. One million copies will be distributed in boxes of Cheerios in November and December of this year in the US.

© Gerlado Valerio

To see more of Gerlado's collages and illustrations take a look at his website: www.geraldovalerio.com