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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Three Great Books

Three great books for children (& adults):

"Barbapapa's Ark" by Anette Tison & Talus Talus Taylor from 1974 is a great book which a message that resonates more than ever today: saving the planet & respecting all living things.

Barbapapa's Ark © Tison & Taylor

"Peppermintje und die WA 123" is a great story by Klaus Reuter (illustrated by Horst Lemke) about a little mermaid with green hair that lives in the North Sea.

Pepermintje Schlickmann © Reuter/Lemke

"Die Kleine Hexe" (The Little Witch") by Ottfried Preussler is a wonderful story about patience & growing. The little witch tries her best to be good --with wonderful illustration by Winnie Gayler.

Little Witch & friends © Preussler/Gayler

Ethan Levitas

There is a beautiful portrait of musician Chan Marshall by Ethan Levitas in the December 10th, 2007 New Yorker issue. More of Mr. Levitas' work can be seen at the Paul Kopeiking Gallery.

Quick Glances of Downtown in December

December Downtown: DeVera, Holiday Trees & BDDW © Nina Buesing

Thursday, December 6, 2007

New York: Preserve & Abolish

logo design by Milton Glaser

And here are two things going on in New York you should know about if you also love/heart NY:

Petition to Expand the SoHo-Cast Iron Historic District &
Bill to Ban Carriage Horses in New York City

I support both, because I think we need to preserve as much as possible of the cast iron district; after all how boring would it be if downtown would look just like midtown? Soho is an absolutely unique asset to New York. Help give this 'present' to New Yorker Margot Gayle on her 100th Birthday.
And I support the ban on horse carriages, because I think like cigarettes we have to recognize that this is something that looks more romantic & cool than it really is and is best left in the last century. I don't want to be in traffic so I would
imagine neither does a horse.

Mother Jones Photo Essays

Take a look at these two photo essays published by Mother Jones:
-More Equal Than Others by Jan van Ijken (text by Mother Jones)
-Fitting Tribute Photos by Hank Willis Thomas (text By Robert Andrew Powell)

Fitting Tribute courtesy Mother Jones/© Hank Willis Thomas

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

More Ingwa; Melero

Today I was outbid on a very lovely 'vintage' Ingwa; Melero top.
And with it went my plans for my outfit for my friends
Andrew & Jeff's fabulous B&W-attire-(Harlequin-masks-optional!) themed-end-of-year/holiday party.
In any case here are some images of this fantastic piece --ahh it makes me want to learn how to crochet!

if you see this somehwere, let me know! © for the design Ingwa; Melero

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Francis Ford Coppola, Belize

Today on the Leonard Lopate Show Francis Ford Coppola was a guest for the occasion of his new movie "Youth Without Youth" premiering next week.
Listen here:

I have always been a bit ambiguous or conflicted about some of Mr. Coppola's ventures. Having family with Italian, American and Belizean roots, I perhaps feel the impact of Mr. Coppola more consciously than others. While The Godfather I &II are absolute cinematic master pieces, these movies also cemented negative stereotypes into mainstream American culture that have been very painful for many Italian Americans.
Mr. Coppola Southern Belizean resort Turtle Inn is not without cultural controversy either. Turtle Inn is a gorgeous luxury resort close to Placencia that stylistically looks completely Balinese. It is a walled compound furnished with exquisite & imported Balinese furniture & art and serviced by saronged clad staff. Belize, independent from Great Britain since 1981, is a melting pot of Mayan, Mestizo, Creole, Garifuna, Mennonite and English culture, and while Belize is located in Central America, it also identifies as a Caribbean Country . Thus male waiters in sarongs were a cultural adjustment or in the very least a new element in the Belizean melting pot. The walls that enclose Turtle Inn were also a first in Placencia, however they are typical in Bali. Mr. Coppola has created a beautiful oasis celebrating Balinese style (the resort also offers very decent Italian cuisine that is vegetarian friendly), but to experience Belize, guests of Turtle Inn should venture outside the compound.
Belize has much to offer: Mayan Ruins, the Rainforest, the Blue Hole, the Barrier Reef, many idyllic cayes, Mennonite communities, Garifuna drummers, the Jaguar Reserve, waterfalls, caves, visits to close by Guatemala, scenic drives along beautiful
Hummingbird Highway, great diving, snorkeling, sailing and more.

Beautiful Belize © Nina Buesing

To find out about quotidian life in Placencia take a look at Fiona's blog: picturinglifeinplacenica.wordpress.com or read
Dr. Rosita Arvigo's memoir "Satsun: My Apprenticeship with a Mayan Healer" to find out about Belize Rainforest and what Dr. Arvigo learned from a Mayan healer.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Smosch.com & Berlin pics

Berlin is one of my favorite cities. And I came across photography on www.smosch.com that really captures the spirit of that growing but still laid back metropolis.
The pictures by Sandra Juto aka Smosch are taken in the Eastern part of Berlin, which is full of creative energy, small stores and lots of cafes.
Smosch.com is a neat blog that besides these evocative imagery from Berlin offers also a lot of information on crafts, illustration, travel impressions and more photography -- and you can buy some of Smosch's crafts on Etsy.com. I came across www.smosh.com courtesy of Ms. Rona.
Oh! And Smosch also loves tea :) and she hails from beautiful Lapland!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Gallery Hopping

My friend Hank and I went gallery hopping the other day, just in time to see the latest Kara Walker show at Sikkema Jenkins Gallery before it came down.
It was great to see Ms. Walker newest work and directions she is exploring after recently seeing her retrospective at the Whitney (which is on view until February 3rd, 2008).

Kara Walker @ The Whitney Museum of Art

The New Yorker for the occasion of Kara Walker's first major museum survey published a profile of Ms. Walker by Hilton Als and a selection of her imagery.

We also looked a the work of artist Bhatir Kher, whose work I was unfamiliar with, but whose sculptures really resonated with me, her work is based much on her cultural experience, which is different from mine, however I found her work very accessible regardless. Her show will be at Jack Shainman Gallery through December 22nd, 2007.

courtesy/© Bhatir Kher/Jack Shainman Gallery

And while you are it, take a look at Hank's work here: www.hankwillisthomas.com