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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sundance & Oscars 2008

If you are heading to the Sundance Film Festival, make sure to check out my friends Azazel Jacobs' movie "Momma's Man" and Hank Willis Thomas' (as part of ©ause Collective) video mosaic "Along the Way".

Director & Screenwriter Azazel Jacobs & Mijah © Nina Buesing

My cousin Katrin Aschendorf was the costume designer on the very talented Hamburg native Fatih Akin's new movie "The Edge of Heaven" - which is also Germany's official entry for the Oscars. I am not sure if and when this movie will play in the US, but you can reserve it on Netflix. Variety's Derek Elley reviewed "The Edge of Heaven" on May 23.

Tierney Gearon & Richard Avedon

Since I first saw images by Tierney Gearon I really liked her work. Unfortunately there is not that much of her imagery available in book form. "I Am a Camera: The Saatchi Gallery" gave audiences a glimpse of her work but left them wanting more.
Then recently after reading Shane Lavalette's Journal (via Rona) I purchased Ms. Tierney's most recent monogram: "Tierney Gearon: Daddy, Where Are you?" and also watched the accompanying documentary "Tierney Gearon: The Mother Project". I highly recommend both. Few documentaries on artists are compelling, but this is one is equally enthralling as "American Masters -Avedon: Darkness and Light" - both films are available via Netflix.
Mr. Avedon and Ms. Tierney's photographs are unflinching in their vision in and it might be the reason their work is so successful. The Gearon documentary shocks , because one worries that photography is more important to Ms. Gearon than her children, but after digesting the movie and reading more about Ms. Gearon I think this is not the case.
Mr. Avedon and Ms. Gearon both uncompromisingly photographed their parents --beautifully counteracting mainstream portraiture-- and depicting a humane reflection of what people's lives are really like. If more imagery like this was seen, society might be more compassionate and also more accepting of aging as a part of natural life.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pablo Lopez Exhibit

Pablo Lopez's "Terrazo: Views of Mexico City" is being shown at Sasha Wolf Gallery at 10 Leonard Street in downtown New York until January 5th, 2008. Beautiful & informative landscapes taken near Mr. Lopez's hometown of Mexico City.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Downtown: Sixth & Spring

Curbed.com brought to attention that Mr. Trump's downtown development is still not embraced. However I suspect that 'The Donald' just sees this message in concrete as another piece of publicity. In any case I had to take a picture of this myself and here it is:

Permanent (?) Graffiti --Sixth & Spring, Dec 2007 © Nina Buesing

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Winter Tea

My parents brought me some delicious winter tea from Germany.
The main flavor is almond and there are bits of apple, cinnamon & even red
beet in it. It's great in the evening -- or in the morning mixed with some black tea.
I love seasons, including winter.
I like to have a sense of the year passing, but I also look forward to different foods & beverages that go along with each season, like this tea.

Winter Tee
© Muehlen Apotheke