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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Anne Lass

I am became aware of the work of Anne Lass via Remain in Light, who have chosen her work to be featured in Vol. 1

Anne Lass' work has a beautiful sense of light and a very strong sense of composition as well. And I like the contemplative mood that prevails throughout the imagery.

Ms. Lass originates from Germany, like I, and and her images from Germany made me think about how the most mundane things can trigger nostalgia. Objects that one does not consciously think about, but that subconsciously send strong signals as to where one is-- like the shape of a window frame, a doorknob, a street sing, the aesthetic of apublic pool. In the age of globalization these small differences perhaps become more precious or jarring -- depending on how one responds to them.
Ms. Lass' work deals a lot with observation of infrastructure and how humanity coincides or collides with nature. If this is a topic that interests you make sure to also look at the work of Rona Chang.

PS: also of note is the work of Estelle Hanania, which was also selected for Vol.1 of Remain in Light

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