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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Annie Griffiths Belt: A Camera, Two Kids and A Camel

This morning NPR featured a piece about National Geographic Photographer Annie Griffiths Belt. The segment was titled "Photographers Peripatetic Life Is a Family Affair" and you can listen to it here.
Ms. Griffiths Belt is a gifted observer and a photographer in the classic definition of the craft. She is accomplished and respected, but what made her stand out for me even more was to hear that she took her two kids with her on the road whenever she could. Career and family (regardless of what family is to you) is hard to balance for anyone, and thus I listened with great interest to her recounting how she traveled with her children on assignment.
Ms. Griffith Belt will be presenting her work and speaking about her experiences in Minnesota and Seattle next month. Find out more about that here.
Ms. Griffiths Belt is a charismatic raconteur and you can here her narrate a slide show of her work via the National Graphic site.
If you are interested in purchasing her most recent book, a retrospective of her work, titled A Camera, two Kids and a Camel, you can do it also via NPR and if you do your purchase will support NPR programming. Or you can use www.booksense.com to find a local store near you that carries her book.
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