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Friday, April 25, 2008

Health & Fitness

Birthdays always make me reflect on my life. I can remember reflecting on the aging process even as a small child.
The big issue to reflect on this year for me is not career, family, wealth, relationship(s) or even wrinkles (got that covered very well by having mom's good genes and wearing sunscreen fanatically), but it is fitness.
I have been blessed with health my whole life and hope to continue to be that fortunate, however I am really not all that fit.
Sure I live in a city where I walk and take stairs all the time, I schlepp my groceries, I do some yoga and I ride my excercyle and my weight is pretty good too. Nevertheless I don't think I am fit.
This really sunk in as I on top of Kundalini Yoga also started to get into Vinyassa Yoga & Sun Salutations -- taught to me by the super wonderful Alicia (if you need private lessons she is the way to go, contact me for her info in you are interested).
My dismay at my decrepitude when it came to push ups led me to do some research and to an article in the New York Times by Tara Parker-Pope titled "An Enduring Measure of Fitness: The Simple Push-Up". Man, reading that one was a shocker.
NPR also picked up on the article, and you can listen to it here.
I have a few friends who are scrumptiously buff and my parents are in awesome shape. Most of my friends & family are not overweight, but after the reading that article, I truly think only the ones that I consider buff are truly fit.
Anyway, take the survey/poll in the right sidebar-- and I am off to work on some push-ups.

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Candace said...

So do you do get private yoga instruction? How much is it? I just graduated to the real push-up. I was doing the "girl's version" for quite some time. My Pilates instructor told me it was time. No joke, a push-up is pretty difficult no matter how many times you go to the gym.