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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hyeres Photography Festival 2008 & More

First prize at Hyeres 2008 went to Audrey Corregan, whose backside portraits of birds I find mesmerizing. The second prize went to Amira Fritz , who has an amazing palette and subtlety to her work. I love the light at dusk and dawn and she captures the magic of those hours and that light beautifully.Her work reminded me of a series of fashion photographs taken in the woods by Catherine Servel. Read more about Ms Fritz and Ms. Corregan on Conscientious.

Also a finalist at Hyeres was the work of Diana Scherer, which I found disturbing - not just the imagery of the dead animals as you would probably expect of me - but much of the macabre atmosphere in her work tugged at me.
I don't know how she went about creating her images depicting dead animals, but I would like to know. I will not just dismiss work because a dead animal is pictured and I am well aware of the complexity of the issue. I furthermore think that Ms. Scherer's photographs work well aesthetically, I am just wondering if they work for my personal ethics too. I like the work of Polly Morgan (who works with donations of animal bodies), but because of recent events Ms. Scherer's work, kept bringing my mind back to the 'starving dog art piece' which turned out to be a hoax much like the Yale student's recent hoax - or is it a hoax (artistically speaking) when it provokes this much discussion?

Joerg Colberg and Tema Stauffer both wrote about the (hoax) incident(s) as they were reported and unfolded. Mr. Colberg wrote a log entry titled "So what is art? (cont'ed)" after it became evident that the Yale student performance art piece was a stunt and Tema reflected on the internet & the information that we obtain via it, after discovering that the South American artist in fact did not starve a dog to death.
When I earlier posted about the report of the man that regrew part of his finger, my gut was a bit uncertain of its authenticity for a second because of the recent 'hoaxes', but my brain decided that the combination of the subject matter and the source should be enough to accept this as truth. At least I hope it is really true, because this is pretty amazing (well, except for the pig bladder part, but I guess growing those in a petri dish sans pig is close at hand -no pun intended).

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