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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Last Iceberg

There is something about the cold that I really like. I love all seasons , but I think if I lived in Southern California year round I would go a little bonkers. I love the crisp & clean air of a cold winter morning and the sound of footsteps on snow (ergo my love for Lisa M. Robinson's series Snowbound).
Camille Seaman (what a perfect name for this photographer!) exhibit Where There Should be Ice opened today at Candace Dawn Gallery in New York and will run through June 21, 2008.
If you cannot see the show in New York, take a look at The Last Iceberg on Ms. Seaman's site:
Hauntingly beautiful landscapes (or portraits as Ms. Seaman regards them) of icebergs, that on closer reflection reveal environmental tragedy --not unlike the desert work of Richard Misrach.

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