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Thursday, July 3, 2008


This morning I saw a new post from Camilla Engman on her blog. Ms. Engman is on vacation, but here and there an image from her travels will pop up on her blog. Today she posted "Morran in the Pyrenees". And it just made me think about how much I get out of the blogosphere.
And I figured it is a good time to make a list of all my current favorite blogs that I have on my RSS feeder.
The two most rewarding aspects of reading blogs for me is to find out about new art and to get a glimpse at the life and process of artists that I like.

Anyway, here is my list:

I am huge fan of Camilla Engman's work and much enjoy seeing the adventures of Morran.
I am wearing Converse with Camilla Engman's Little Red Hood design as we speak.
And I wish I had a whole dish set of these.

Love love love the work of Amy Ross. It is inspirational to see her create beautiful work over and over again and to see how elegantly she juggles career and family. How does she do it all?!
I am a little obsessed with octopi these days (it all started with a necklace) and last night there it was, a post by Amy showing beautiful Octopus illustration found at a flea market. Can't wait to see if these aquatic wonders will show up in her work.

Herr Colberg has completely rekindled my love for art photography. I get a bit exausthed by the art world, but Joerg keeps it fresh and has introduced me to new artists, a new way of thinking about art photography and guided my ideas about blogging.

Tema's blog is simply fantastic. I never read blogs when Alec Soth was still at it, but I think in a way Tema is contributing something similar to what Mr. Soth's blog did. Tema was born an artist. She really lives the life of an artist very conscientiously (no pun intended) and her writing about her work and experiences has created something outstanding . I think her blog is totally underrated.

Everyone know this is the place to discover new stuff. Really brilliant.

No need to elaborate, everyone knows about this blog and it rocks.

My Four Eyed Fantasy is the blog of Emily Shur.
Emily and I go way back, but I think I would enjoy her blog regardless. Emily just brings a different voice to it. A lot of the blogs I follow are strictly fine art or about design and most of the authors are on the east coast or in Europe. Emily does fine art work too. But she makes a living as a celebrity portrait photographer in Los Angeles and it's just a whole different outlook.
Emily is old skool and I love her (and her family!).

What a great name for a blog. Rona is my 'partner in crime' over at the Nymphoto blog, but I much enjoy her personal blog too.
Rona, I think keeps a blog for the same reason as I, it allows her to keep track of what she likes and what is important to her. Rona has exquisite taste and a keen eye, so head on over to explore her blog.

Smosch and Camilla Egman's blogs are kinda complementary. If you are hooked on one you will get hooked on the other. Sandra Juto (aka Smosch) like Camila Engman is an outstanding graphic artist and also like Ms. Engman quite the photographer. Both live in Sweden and are friends.

Zoum Zoum makes my European heart happy and keeps me in touch with a French outlook on photography.

The Year in Pictures is a great blog. James Danzinger runs one of my favorite galleries (Danzinger Projects in Chelsea) and I can always relate to his choices and posts. I like his taste (not too obscure, thoughtful) and his Zeitgeist.

This Space Available for Filming is a good way to keep taps on Patrick Romero.
Oh Patrick Romero! Patrick is newish talent but what a talent. No one captures west coast atmosphere quiet like Patrick does. I just love his aesthetic. Introduced to me via Amy Stein's blog (another good one), I have followed what Patrick is up to ever since.

I do not always agree with everyone of Cara Phillips' sentiments expressed on Ground Glass . Regardless I always respect and enjoy reading her posts and I wish I was as eloquent as her in my writing.
And I love that Cara Philips is all about community and speaking up.

My Love for You is a Stampede of horses is an incredible resource, much like I heart Photograph -- except this blog is about all the visual arts. Outstanding.

So those are my must reads. There are so many more. Here are just a few more links and as they say say at award shows: if I have forgotten anyone , I apologize.


And of course because one needz some humorz:
Wheres ur buckitt?

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