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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ubud, Bali

a rice field and two Balinese women © Nina Buesing

Last July the husband and I travelled to Indonesia. My favorite trips are those with a purpose. Our stay in Bali was prompted by the nuptials of dear friends.
While the ocean is usually my preferred local, in the case of Bali, we decided to spend our time mostly in and around Ubud. Away from the beach and in the cultural center of the island instead-- and we absolutely loved it.
The bride and groom cleverly picked a wedding date during the Galungan holiday. Because of the festivities the island was in a heightend state of magic realism during our stay. It was an overwhelming experience (in a good way) taking in Bali and I found the island a challenge photographically.
I am not sure one can capture the experience that is Bali through photography alone. One needs to not just see Bali but also to smell and hear Bali.

view from the car, morning in Ubud & reflections in the pool © Nina Buesing

The New York Times published an article by Seth Mydanis titled At Royal Balinese Funeral, Bodies Burn and Souls Fly Tuesday and the piece was accompanied by a slide show titled Circle of Life, which in turn is accompanied by some of the sounds of Bali. Well worth a read, look and listen--but still the best thing would be to visit Bali if you have the chance.


John said...

I hope you visited my favourite restaurant - and shop - in Ubud - Murni's Warung - overlooking the river on the ravine.

Great web site too: www.murnis.com


nina said...

we had a great lunch there :)

lily said...

Oh to be back in Bali! Miss you!

Rona Chang said...

Your photos convey the light so wonderfully. I closed my eyes when listening to the NYTimes audio slideshow, it really transports. Thanks!