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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Autumn Air

August makes me melancholic, simply because it is the end of summer. A beginning of an end.
I love winter but it can get long in New York. During a heat wave, like the one we had in June, it can seem like it winter will never come again. July is also usually really humid & hot in New York City. But in August you can already sense the announcement of fall in the air, especially at night. The air gets a little drier, a little colder.
Anyway, I am feeling moody.
So here are some moody snaps from Belize:

Two Horses, Fog & Cayo Sunrise © Nina Buesing Corvallo


Cher Ami said...

that first photo is haunting! love it

nina said...

well,thank you!

clara said...

gorgeous, please show more!