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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mario Sorrenti

I still love fashion. Not so much the magazines, nor the industry of it, but I like seeing fashion of the individual -- how someone expresses themselves. That is why I love The Satorialist -- because his images are more about the people and less about consumerism.
It still gives me pleasure to see beautiful fashion photography -- when I can find it.
Perhaps it is my lessened interest in fashion, maybe I have a more sophisticated & demanding eye now or maybe fashion photography simply is just not as good anymore.I don't know.
There are a few exceptions of course and one of them is Mario Sorrenti.
If you head over to www.30daysoffashion.com you can read a rare interview with the photographer and if you head over to his agent's site (art department), you can see some of Sorrenti's images.

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