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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Photographer's Place

Sometime this summer I was walking on Mercer Street and I saw a sidewalk vendor with a selection of photography books and a larger selection of vintage tintypes. I of course could not resist browsing through these and ended up with a few beautiful ones at a bargain price and in a nice chat with the man.
At one point I said to him: "Oh, this reminds me of what used to be one of my favorite stores, it was located right here actually, a bookstore only carrying photo books. Back when Soho was still full of galleries & artists". The man smiled gently and said: "That was my store - A Photographer's Place."
Yes, the man I was speaking to was Harvey Zucker, who now sometimes sets up shop on Mercer Street, I think mostly out of a passion for selling collectible photography items.
He seems like an awfully nice man now and did back then too. And I miss the store. It was perfect.
Here are two of the tintypes I bought from Mr. Zucker:

Mr. Zuccker said I look like this young girl- I'll take the compliment ;)

both tintypes from the collection of Nina Buesing Corvallo

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