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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tema Stauffer Conversation

White Horse,Palmair,Car Skeleton & Flag © Tema Stauffer

Art is a funny thing.
I find what it is hard to put into words. However I know it when I feel it.
A photograph can mean the world to me and while I am not unique, I do think that I am lucky that an image can give me so much solace.
One's photographer's work (& writing) in particular has brought me great comfort & inspiration. It is the work of Tema Stauffer. As I mentioned before I am interested in American stories because of the current political climate. And Tema tells great stories about her home country.
But what is most meaningful about her work to me, is the compassion she puts forward. It seems she never judges with her camera and she is full of empathy & hope for her subjects.
I guess in a way that is very American, the hope for redemption, for second chances. And despite it all, I do believe that second chances are given here more than anywhere else and that is something to love.
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