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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Upcoming Shows: Chelbin, Jiagang, ICP, Wolf

September is just around the corner, and there are so many shows to see this fall (at least in New York). I already mentioned that Sasha Wolf has a show with work by Guido Castanogli opening September 11, 2008.

But before that catch the work of Michal Chelbin's at Andrea Meislin Gallery. The opening reception is September 04, 2008. It's such beautiful and haunting work and I am looking forward to seeing the actual prints. Thursday I will also post my interview with Michal for Nymphoto Conversations. The interview was a real treat and very insightful.

In this week's New Yorker I came across an image by artist Chen Jiagang from his The Great Third Front series, which will show at Edwyn Houk Gallery starting September 11, 2008.
You can also see work by Chen Jiagang at: www.chinasquareny.com and Conscientious led me to an online version of Mr. Jiagang's book The Forbidden City.

And on September 19, 2008 the America and the Tintype exhibit will open at ICP--which is perfect since tintypes have been on my mind.

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Tom White said...

Also opening at the ICP - though at the education gallery across the road from the museum - is the II AMERIKA exhibition. The opening reception is on September 12th at 7 pm. Please join us there!