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Friday, September 12, 2008

I Really Really Love New York.

Canal Street ©Nina Buesing

If you know me you know that I really love New York. I love lots of other places too, but New York is a big love. It's noisy, it's loud, it's expensive, it changes --but I still love New York. I can't help it.
Today I had to deal with some apartment issues (very New York) and this evening I headed over to Tribeca to Sasha Wolf's Gallery for an opening (also very New York), after chatting with Rona & Sasha (New Yorkers), I headed out to dinner with the husband (a native New Yorker also) and Pete (yup, New York is his home state) at Yaffa's (very old Skool New York). After dinner we walked and hung out some more with Pete (which is exactly what we also did seven years ago in New York)- and I took pictures of the beams. Which are a gracious memorial.
When I got back home I saw Emily's honest & right-on post titled 7 Years Ago & Years From Now.
We all know there is great suffering allover the world, and we know life goes on, but what happened seven years ago was still a major event. And if you worked or lived downtown (like me) it was traumatic.
The smell, a scratchy throat, the sounds, showing ID twice to get past the checkpoints to get home, passing another checkpoint to visit Pete at the hotel FEMA evacuated him to, waiting in front of St.Vincent's, bright blue skies the morning of, walking on a deserted Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn to retrieve medication with R., military cargo trucks going up the Bowery coming from Ground Zero, feelings of uncertainty & powerlessness, watching the news, listening to the radio, trying to dial out, incomprehension, confusion, my little nephews' processing the events, eventually loosing my job, seeing the smoldering 'pile', watching new wars unfold... all memories coming to mind when I think of that day and the months following.
Of course I put on a brave face. After all nothing directly happened to me. But I now know that it took me some time to be OK again. And when I see pictures of the towers and when I really think about it I get emotional. The other day the husband and I saw Man on Wire--and I could feel my throat close up when I was looking at the images of the towers.
I think that will never go away.
Just like I cannot think of Songha without feeling my throat close up.
When Rona and I interviewed Sasha Wolf for the Nymphoto blog Sasha said to us that she just wants to be nice person. And it so deeply resonated with me, because while it sounds so simple it is so profound.
It's all about causing the least amount of suffering, giving more joy and doing the right thing.
My neighbor lost her husband 7 years ago. And while I do not know her well, I know that she has resolutely decided to live life. She made friends with the widows of men that had worked with her husband at the World Trade Center and they gave each other support to go on (they even wrote a book about it). My neighbor subsequently found another love, married again and now has a beautiful daughter and continues to live downtown. Like Hank she chose love and positivity.
Yesterday, on September 11, I posted images of New York because I love New York and because I needed to acknowledge that it was September 11th. Emily's post however made me think I should elaborate and hence here is this rather personal and extensive post.
I leave you with some more images taken in the city I love, that is my home, the night of September 11, 2008:

New York September 2008 ©Nina Buesing


Anonymous said...

Really nice, Nina. And it's also nice that we were friends before, during, and still friends now.

nina said...

right back at you :)

Tema said...

That's a beautiful and heartfelt piece of writing and set of photos. Much appreciated, as I am struggling with my own positive thinking in the current economic and political climate ... constantly worried about the fate of the city, the country, and not the least, the art world.

Look forward to seeing you this week.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photographs and nice post.

Hank said...

i hear you nina

Rona Chang said...

We walked around too that night and headed down to see the lights. I'm glad you and Emily both wrote about it. Thank you.