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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jay Maisel's Bohemian Wonderland: Corner of Spring & Bowery

Wow. I always wanted to know more about photographer Jay Maisel's Nolita home. And this week New York Magazine offers a glimpse via an online photo gallery and an article by Wendy Goodman titled The 72-Room Bohemian Dream House(Maybe the greatest real-estate coup of all time) (published September 21, 2008) into the Maisel family home - a giant Bohemian Oasis. At once humble and bombastic. It's "Momma's Man" on steroids ;)
I love the original details of the building, the old skool atmosphere in the residence and that Mrs. Maisel gardens on the roof. Simply Sublime.
PS: It's a great article, however I shook my head when I read about the supposedly downtown expert broker who expressed surprise that the building was inhabited (while having 11 Spring as a listing!) . Come on, if you know downtown you know that Jay Maisel lives there.
Expert? I think not. Probably never heard of Mr. Simpson either.
Oh if Downtown could just stay Downtown.


Downtown Involvement said...

My heart weeps.

Anonymous said...

oh my gawd!