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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman 1925-2008

I always feel a bit odd commenting on the death of a celebrity. After all so many people are suffering or simply dying every day.
But I think famous people are one way we relate to one another and the world. They can be symbolic for parts of our feelings. Just like the arts provide analogies to the human condition and beyond.
In any case I mourn the passing of Paul Newman, a true 'Mensch' in my book, beautiful inside and out, that lived life vigorously it seems, could admit failures and who also cared deeply about others.
Robert Forrester, the Vice-Chairman of Newman's Own Foundation, issued a statement that spoke about Mr. Newman's understanding of how much luck plays into the outcome of one's life and how random life can be. And that, as someone born with fortune, Paul Newman felt the need to help those who were less fortunate.
I could not agree more.

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