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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cara Philips: Ultraviolet Beauties Union Square

Ultraviolet Beauty ©Cara Phillips

Today my sister and I stopped by Union Square to check out Cara Phillips at work on her AIOP project. And I even got my portrait taken by Cara. Typical of a photographer I much prefer to be behind the lens, but Cara's portraits are so sensitive and beautiful, it made me want to sit for her.
And Cara is great at making her subjects at ease.
She will be in the Union Square area also tomorrow and next week Friday & Saturday if you want to get your portrait taken. Find more info here.
I also met Will Steacy in person today when he had his portrait taken by Cara. I took at snapshot of Will being photographed and it turns out AaronLee Fineman, who also went to Tisch, took a snapshot of my portrait sitting.
I am not surprised: While many photographers like solitude most also enjoy each other and a little shop talk.
Note: if you want to financially support Cara's project, please find out more about how, via her blog: www.caraphillips.wordpress.com, which is also always an excellent read.

the process (Union Square)


Jane Tam said...

Nina, is that your hair?~ I never knew it was so long!

I'm definitely going to try and check Cara's setup next Saturday!

nina said...

it is :)
Yes, go get your picture taken, it';s a cool experience and it is fun to see Cara work!

Timothy said...

That is me. Funny! Small world indeed.