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Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Conversation with Nina Berman

Under Taliban © Nina Berman

If you head over to the Nymphoto blog, you will find my most recent interview, this time with photographer & writer Nina Berman. Nina's work is hard to forget, often heartbreaking and I am honored to present my conversation with her this week.
My opinion is that work like Nina's is not seen enough. When researching Nina Berman on the net I read that she photographed in Afghanistan in 1998. But by 2001 still only the minority of people seemed aware of the Taliban and what it is was like for women to live under their rule. Today we are very much shielded of the reality & consequences of war (on both sides of the conflict). But as I said last week, Nina Berman's unflinching eye does not allow for excuses and while it is perhaps difficult to look at some of her work, don't be chicken, take it in: www.ninaberman.com & www.purpleheartsbook.com.
And also take a look at her multi-media work, also to be found on her website: www.ninaberman.com

Her latest monogram "Homeland" is now available in bookstores and online. As is her first monogram "Purple Heart". Her work is also on view through November 15, 2008 at Jen Bekman Gallery in New York City.

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Rona Chang said...

Great conversation, nice intro and it was good to hear her voice, underneath all the powerful imagery.