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Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday This & That

from "Homeland" © Nina Berman

Time for some tips:
If you are in New York today or Sunday you can get your portrait taken near Union Square by Cara Phillips. After you could mosy up to Michael Mazzeo Gallery to see the exquisite work of Chris McCaw (tx Horses Think).
And you could round off your Photo Experience by attending the book launch of Nina Berman's monogram "Homeland" tonight (find out more via www.ninaberman.com). Like Tema Stauffer and Jessica Ingram, Nina Berman tells stories about America. Her unflinching eye does not allow for excuses, and if for some strange reason you are American and undecided this book should help you make a decision quickly.
Next week's Nymphoto Conversation will be with Nina Berman --two Ninas for the price of one ;) -- and publish Thursday on www.nymphoto.blogspot.com.
Photographers are an opinionated & passionate bunch. The photographic medium lends itself so well to story telling and particularly documentary photography can capture history and zeitgeist poignantly. An extraordinary example of this is the work of Paul Fusco.
Will Steacy wrote a very eloquent review of "Paul Fusco: RFK" for Photo Eye, which you can read here.
James Danziger recently showed Fusco's work at his gallery. Danziger Projects is one of my favorite venues and is currently showing the work of Alejandra Laviada, whose work has been criticized by some as a copy of the work of Fischli & Weiss, but I think her work is well worth seeing.
One of these days I will giddy up and write about originality and homages and inspiration and the pitfalls of those in making art.


Susana said...

can't wait to read your nina squared interview! i was going to introduce myself to her a few years back at a hot dog eating contest, but then a "food-fighter" came up and vomited into the trashcan separating us, ruining the moment!

nina said...

it's live now.
love ur story!