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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Heart Ryan McLennan

Orphans & Humiliation © Ryan McLennan

Ryan McLennan is one of my favorite artists.
After discovering his work via Tiny Showcase some time ago, I was lucky to also acquire one of his original pieces from a gallery and have been following his career ever since.
Ryan is not only an outstanding artist, he is also a nice guy. And I have big proof of that in my house -- waiting to be framed -- the proof is called "Humiliation" and arrived in a giant tube by mail last week.
How did that happen? Well, Ryan suggested to trade some art and I am very grateful to him -- for the beautiful piece of art, but also for the experience of trading my work for his. Acquiring a work through a trade or as a thank you makes it even better.
Conclusion: The 'Interwebs' is magical, because it has completely opened up my world and enlarged my community. A community without borders.

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