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Saturday, October 11, 2008

In a Swedish Mood (More Swedes)

Redhook @ the Ikea © Nina Buesing

Today I enjoyed a perfect Saturday with my husband in the city. We went allover town to take advantage of the beautiful day & to see friends (we even ran into Miss T&T herself on the R train). At the end of the day we took a beautiful free ride on the Ikea ferry to and from Red Hook, Brooklyn. Red Hook is a magical place and we are hoping development will not spoil it. Because of pressure by the community, Ikea had to jump through some hoops to set up shop in Red Hook and I think that was a very good thing. There now is the free ferry, nice landscaping and a park with great views. I think it is a win/win situation.
When we arrived back home I was happy to find the Camilla Engman 2009 Calendar (and two postcards) in the mail. I am so fond of Camilla's work and was sad to miss out on an original piece I had my eyes on at Art Star Gallery (you snooze you loose!). But the calendar is also a treat (and great gift). If you like a copy of the 2009 Calendar you can find it in Camilla Engman's shop at www.camillaengman.com.

from the 2009 Camilla Engman Calendar © Camilla Engman

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