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Thursday, October 9, 2008

New York Vignettes

I don't drink coffee. But the other day when I saw a latte at La Colombe served, I later ordered one, because it reminded me of pictures I had seen on Smosch. I took a picture of it sort of as an homage to Smosch - and these 'postcards' from New York are kinda too .
BTW Smosch A.K.A. Sandra Juto is coming to New York. If you have tips for her of 'must-see/do's in New York, share them with her via the comment section of her New York Guide blog post.

New York Fall 2008 ©Nina Buesing


Janou-Eve LeGuerrier said...

Beautiful photos Nina !

nina said...

Thank you!
And what a beautiful name you have.

sandra said...

nina, that latte looks absolutely amazing! now i know where i have to go. thank you so much for all the great tips on my blog! they will keep me both busy and happy :)

ps. that's how i started drinking coffee - buying them just because they looked so good ;) did you drink yours?

nina said...

Sandra: Thank you. Yes, I drank it and it was good coffee I think :)
I hope you will enjoy our city.
And if you need anything let me know :)

Rona Chang said...

Very Smosch-like photos indeed, nice to see our city that way.

nina said...

tx, Rona :)