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Saturday, October 18, 2008


Mama, Me & Muetze - Learning to ice skate at the Entenmuhele, HH © Buesing Family

Fall has arrived and it is beautiful. The air feels much crisper in New York & the sun goes down earlier. The cold air makes walks refreshing and returning to a warm home and a cup of tea is something I really enjoy. I grew up with cold weather and I would miss it if I lived somewhere tropical. In northern countries the long winters and steady darkness is combatted with rituals of celebration and light. Commercialized x-mas comes out of those traditions but that is over the top for me. However the idea of making the best of cold weather is right up my alley and while I'll drink hot tea also in 95 degree weather in the Caribbean without batting an eyelash, it is even better drinking a good cup of tea during a cold winter. Just like baths are better if you return home from the cold.
I don't have a fireplace but my sister does, as does my friend Pete and I enjoy those immensely during the winter months. As a child I used to play for hours out in the snow with my friends, sometimes unable to feel my toes by the time I returned home. (My husband who hails from warmer climates does not understand how this could be a fond memory, but it is). I also used to horseback ride as a kid, and in the winter we would have the horse draw a sleigh, and gliding through the forest was awesome (perhaps less so for the horse).
I also used to ice skate (not in any way professionally as you can see from the picture above) and ski as a kid. I remember my gray-blue pairs of moonboots that I would wear after skiing. Last year I purchased a new pair of silver-gray moonboots. I bought them because I decided that I needed to travel to Lapland. Unforeseen events made me change my travel plans and then I had missed by window for various reasons. I hope I can travel to Lapland early next year. It's the ultimate winter location.
In the mean time Lisa Robinson's "Snowbound" will tie me over :)

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Camilla Engman said...

That's so sweet! I think I have a photo somewhere looking almost like this, with those clothes and everything :)