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Friday, November 28, 2008

Long Weekend This & That

While in college I taught a photography class with a friend for one semester at the Harvey Milk Highschool. That was the first time I ever heard of Harvey Milk. His story is inspiring on many levels and I think Gus Van Sant's movie "Milk" tells the story well. Sean Penn was a great choice for the lead role and he is surrounded by an excellent cast, that successfully portrays a very moving story.
The New Yorker has a review of "Milk" titled "True Love" (written by David Denby) and The New York Times has a nice slide show titled "A Campaign Revisited" narrated by Gus Van Sant about recreation of 'The Castro' of the 70's. Included in this online feature is captivating & historic still photography by Harvey Milk's friend Dan Nicoletta. Mr. Nicoletta has an online gallery dedicated to the images he took of Harvey Milk and during that time, that is fascinating to explore. You can find this photography at: www.thecastro.net/street/memoriespage/nicoletta/milk01.html.

Good pictures only get better with time.

James Danziger always curates great shows and I am looking forward to the upcoming exhibit titled "Sander's Children" which opens December 3, 2008 at Danziger Projects in Chelsea. I was happy to see Dick Avedon's "Bob Dylan, New York City. 1965" included in this show. I love that image and it helped inspire my portrait of my friend director Azazel Jacobs.
Mr. Danziger's blog post from Wednesday is about the upcoming show, the post is titled 'Sander & Sensibility' and can be found on his blog The Year in Pictures.

My friend Fiona's photo blog Picturing Life in Placencia is a nice way for me to keep in touch with Belize; a country I think of as another home. I recommend checking out todays's post, which illustrates Fiona's very close encounter with some visitor's in the lagoon!
Find the images at: www.picturinglifeinplacencia.wordpress.com.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Nina. It really was pretty exciting. have promised Kai a cycle trip up the road in search of them again.