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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Soho November 2008 © Nina Corvallo

The US has been the place in the world where I have lived the longest, where I received the last two years of my high-school education, where I went to college and where I went to graduate school. It's where I met my husband and where he was born, it's where my nephews were born, it's where I pay taxes, it's home as much as a place can be.
I really wish I could vote today. But I am not a citizen of the US. I hope if you are an American citizen you are voting today and frankly I hope you vote for Senator Barack Obama.
You might find it inappropriate that I am expressing this opinion while not being a citizen of your country, but I, like a lot of other citizens of the world, am very anxious about the outcome of this historic election. And like it or not, the decisions of your government affect not just you.

People all around the world are rooting for Barrack Obama. I have heard Americans in the US and American expats express their surprise at the interest non-Americans have in this election.
But really it is not curious at all. America's decisions affect the whole world. That is the consequence of being a superpower. So you are not just voting for you, you are voting for the rest of us too. We are all in the same boat.
And while I would prefer Barack Obama to say "rid ourselves of the dependency of oil" instead of "rid ourselves of the dependency on Middle Eastern oil"; and even though I wish Barrack Obama would say that he is for gay marriage (no, civil unions are not good enough in my book); and even though I wish that Barrack Obama leave God out of his public life all together -- regardless of all that (and perhaps then some)-- I still think very firmly that he is the very best choice in this election.

I love so many things about America and I choose to live in New York-- because I love it here-- so I am saying this with care & hope, as a citizen of the world - to you, fellow citizen of the world: please vote and vote for Barack Obama.


Candace said...

Greg and I got up at 5:30 this morning, thinking we would be the first people at our polling place. No way. HUGE TURNOUT. Took us 2.5 hours to vote.
Go Obama!

nina said...


Esti said...

As a citizen of other country too I've felt your words to be mine. I totally agree... and I'm so glad americans did this!!

Rona Chang said...

As I was exiting the polls yesterday, a German couple came by on their bikes and asked the poll worker if they could just go inside and peak in! She let them. This is a privilege.