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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Zoe is Beautiful

© Zoe Strauss

Things have been a bit challenging for me as of late, physically and mentally. Nothing serious, just a lot of little stuff that combined has worn me down. So today I slept for most of the day and did not do much else and that felt good. As you might know I love the cold, so around 7 o'clock I bundled up (it's abut 28 degrees Fahrenheit outside) and the husband and I took a long walk over & up to Silverstein Gallery in Chelsea for Zoe Strauss' opening reception & book signing.
It's a great show. And a great book. Really great.

After the reception we walked back home and I just finished my first viewing & reading of "America" and I love it.
Zoe Strauss is amazing. She is beautiful. She just is. I love her compassion and her energy.
Friends have always been very important to me. I never understood why sharing genetic material should hold automatically more weight than the actual interaction & experience you have with another being. I love my family very much and I think I come from a pretty functional home. But that has never stopped me from building very strong ties with people outside my (genetic) family. My friend Amy calls those types of bonds "Framily".
Life without "Framily" would be very sad. But not everyone needs to become "Framily". Sometimes one just has a true empathetic exchange with another person for a brief moment. That moment of understanding and recognition, even if fleeing, can be very meaningful. Time spent is not the most important aspect in the rapport that one has with another. Rather it is about the quality of the exchange and sometimes about the timing. And no one makes this clearer than Zoe Strauss in "America".
Zoe Strauss has a gift for loving. Or maybe it is not a gift, but just that she is open. And maybe if everyone was open like her, compassionate like her, the world would be a better place.

Zoe, you are super-awesome. For real.


Tema said...

I was hoping to see you at Zoe's opening but I got there towards the end. There was great energy in those rooms.

nina said...

the energy was great, wasn't it?!
Sorry to have missed you.