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Thursday, December 25, 2008

53º33'59"N 010º00'32"E & 40º43′N 74º00′W

Happy Holidays to those of you that celebrate today!

NYC : Unicycle &Snowman © Nina Corvallo

My family is a diverse mix of agnostics & believers of different faiths originating from many countries.
Last night we gathered for a champagne toast at our new home and then went on to the vegan gourmet restaurant Gobo.
Since I have always lived in the northern hemisphere, the holidays have always been about breaking up the cold and darkness of long winters. In Northern Germany xmas markets are open outdoors all December offering lots of mulled wine, pastries and (handcrafted) items for purchase.
This year my friends Rona & R. gave me delicious self-made soaps, my friend H. gave me a 'citylight' that projects the skyline of my hometown Hamburg and my sister knitted me the best wrist 'worms' ever (if you don't have a sister that knits for you, I suggest checking out the Smosch shop), my parents gave me some German books (always a great gift, because it keeps me reading in my mother tongue) and a bag that shows the coordinates of Hamburg. These are just some of the nice gifts received and I just wanted to highlight some of them because they gave me a lot of pleasure. I like when people (strangers and non-strangers a like) are nice and thoughtful to one another. And it doesn't take a lot, often it is just about gestures.
I also much enjoyed the cards and e-greetings I received for the holidays. Jane send me one of those great greetings and she also gifted everyone by posting a great interview with the talented Yijun "Pixy" Liao on the Nymphoto blog.

© Yijun Pixy Liao

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