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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Change in America

One of the joys of living in the US © Nina Corvallo

Not sure I like all the change upon us. For one, I prefer the old Tropicana packaging.
However the juice continues to be top notch. I don't think there is a better & more consistent packaged OJ out there. Delicious! (Even if corporate)


lane said...

wow. that new packaging is truly heinous. I already miss the orange with the straw poking out!

zs said...

I can't believe that new, hideous, packaging. Why Tropicana? WHY? I am in full agreement with you on Tropicana, but I will cringe every time I pick up that new packaging.

nina said...

Thanks Lane and Zoe - - feel vindicated.My husband keeps saying I am weird for obsessing over the packaging, but I can't helpt it, because it is hideous!

Amy Stein said...

I want my orange juice packaging to show me more orange than juice. The new look is too Euro-sleek.

nina said...

they even changed the wording, was 'no pulp' really that negative? Is 'pulp free' better?
I don't think so.