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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Holiday & The City

Offerings at Lan's © Nina Corvallo

Today was the first day we have had in a while to relax. I had hoped for meal at Angelica's Kitchen, but they were closed for the holiday. It was a beautiful day in New York: the streets empty and peaceful; the weather sunny and mild. So we roamed around the East Village some more until we found Lan Cafe on Sixth Street & 1st -- a small Vietnamese Vegetarian place, that turned out to be a lovely choice. Nice food, very friendly staff and nice customers.
I love the hustle of the city, however the major holidays are a treat, because the city does slow down and mostly only the hardcore New Yorkers stay behind, which in turn creates a great ambiance.
On our way home we ran into Hank & Deb who were on their way to catch a movie.
Today was another prefect holiday in the city.

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