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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kiosk & Egg Prickers

Friesennerz in Montauk © Nina Buesing/Plainpicture

A while back I noticed the hot pink neon sign on Spring Street that read 'Kiosk'. The word Kiosk conjures memories of my friends & I as kids walking to the Kiosk to stock up on ice cream, the paper for our parents or some sweets.

The Spring Street Kiosk is a store that sells culturally distinct items from around the world. When I looked up the items for sale from Germany, I squealed with delight. Particularly at the Egg Pricker and the Yellow Rain Coat (or Friesennerz as we like to call it). The yellow rain slicker is the exact coat my friends (the same friends I used to walk with to the local Kiosk decades ago) gifted me in May when I was visiting Hamburg --which is on that North Coast of Germany ;)

Anyway, go visit Kiosk. Virtually you can do so at: www.kioskkiosk.com or you can physically stop by at 95 Spring Street, 2nd Floor. I recommend visiting both ways.


Candace said...

Funny. I was just looking at the Kiosk website and then decided to do a little Nina blog check-in, and ha, you are blogging about Kiosk.

Anonymous said...

I am nostalgic.