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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Life or Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité

Some thoughts on how to go through life: I think everyone should try their best to be nice and civil - and that does not mean people have to go through life without expressing themselves or making jokes. Nor that everyone has to live the same way or agree on everything.
People should try to imagine the other side and try to understand what other people might be going through.

For example, why do people feel the need to dictate who can marry and who can not? How would you feel if someone told you that you could not marry the person you love? And please do not give me that civil union crap. That's not good enough. Unless all the government offers is civil unions for everyone and 'marriage' is only officiated privately and/or spiritually, and with no legal consequence.
Civil unions do not offer all the same advantages than marriage. As I understand it, not even all marriages are created equal. For example, if you are a gay American who marries the person you love, who happens to be foreign, your marriage might be legal in Massachusetts but still you would be unable to sponsor your spouse for Permanent Residency. This is because same sex marriage is not recognized on a federal level and immigration is a federal matter.

To deprive a certain subset of the population from marrying just seems plain wrong to me.
And really why do people care? How does it really affect them?

And where did these thoughts come from? Well, for one I am still not over California & Prop 8. And then I read Emily's post today titled "Sisterly Love" and Edward Winkelman's post, titled "Champagnes Made from Sour Grapes", and it made me think about how people treat one another, particularly in the art world. There is a lot of theater and posturing, emotion and attitude found in the art world and it can be really exhausting.
So reading level-headed posts that put things in perspective is refreshing. Emily is always good at 'breaking it down' and Ed Winkelman is too. He is also great at advising artists and he seems to focus on what is important in life (Yes, I have a 'blog crush' on Ed Winkelman).
If you are interested in (the) art (world) from the gallerist's point of you, you most definitely should follow his blog: www.edwardwinkleman.blogspot.com.

Sasha Wolf is another gallery owner who I really respect. I wish she would blog too :)

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