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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sasha, Rona & A Raccoon

Raccoon ©Rona Chang

My friend & Nymphoto cohort Rona is now selling very affordable prints from her "Breathing In" series. One of my favorite pairings from the series is the one above. I heart the raccoon & the colors of the tropical flora. This image has the quirkiness of Wes Anderson but with a feminine twist. You can purchase prints online via www.plumandlion.bigcartel.com or you can see and buy the prints in person at Sasha Wolf Gallery. Sasha by the way now also offers portfolio reviews. If you are interested please see the gallery's website for more information: www.sashawolf.com

PS: Somewhat confused about how to spell 'Rac(c)oon' for years I have spelled it with one 'c' , but Wikipedia and spellcheck suggest spelling 'Rac(c)oon' with two 'c's.


Rona Chang said...

Ah, fixed it. Thanks, Nina.

nina said...

I still instinctually want to spell it with one 'c'!

Zenchukovskiy said...

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