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Thursday, December 4, 2008

She Wrote

Pattern's Faction ©Ariana Page Russel

The other day I was emailing with another female artist in regard to an upcoming Nymphoto Conversation, and at one point she wrote how nice it was to see how considerate all of us women were with each other. I loved reading that and thought about how true it is.
The Nymphoto Collective is a mishmash of strong willed women that often collaborate or interact with lots of other strong willed women and when we get together it can be like a chicken coop - and I mean that in the best possible way.
And it is also true that we often work seamlessly together and that collaborating is a pleasure. 2008 has been much about redirecting my photography and community building. This blog and the Nymphoto Blog have made much of that possible. The 'Internets' is magical I say.
2009 is already off to a good start and looks like it will be a great year for the collective and my own work. My husband likes to say: A slow economy and a broke city can be great for creativity. Or as Rahm Emanuel has said: Never let a serious crisis go to waste.

First Image: from 'Angle Of Repose' © Toni Pepe
Second Image: from 'Skin Two' Flora (Kneel) ©Ariana Page Russel

PS: Also if you haven't checked in with the weekly Nymphoto Conversations take a look via www.nymphoto.blogspot.com.
This week Rona interviewed Laura Napier, last week Margot interviewed Ariana Page Russel and the week before that Jane interviewed Toni Pepe . Next week my conversation with Michele Abeles will publish Thursday. You can also see Michele's work (and many other great artists such as Sonja Thomsen) currently at Women In Photography in their online showcase titled "IF THERE WAS A LITTLE MORE SILENCE".

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Jane Tam said...

I'm excited for 2009!