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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up - Willy B. Edition

Rooftops, Williamsburg ©Maria Passarotti

This weekend I spent time with my friend & fellow Nymphoto cohort Maria and she took me to her favorite Williamsburg galleries. Maria and I both enjoyed seeing the talented Norman Mooney's "Absence and Presence" show at Chi Gallery on Grand Street -- and we were delighted how nicely we were treated at Chi Gallery. I don't know if this had to do with the economic times or with being in Brooklyn instead of Chelsea; or maybe this gallery is just nicer. Either way friendly gallery staff is never a guarantee and it was much appreciated.

We also both loved Andrea Way's work at Pierogi on North 9th Street (Pierogi also has a location in Leipzig, Germany). Andrea Way made a (abstract/pattern) painting a day for one year (2007). This artist has a exquisite sense of color and space. You can see small thumbnails of these works at: www.pierogi2000.com, but really if you can, go see them in person, because the beauty of them does not come through via the web.
Photographs can disappoint when one sees a print in person after seeing it on the web, however with drawing and painting it is more often the other way around.

We also browsed by a few stores: Golden Calf on North 6th Street had an eclectic selection of Eastern & Western style furniture & home accessories. The Future Perfect, also on North 6th, has a nice hip-contemporary selection but is a bit more mainstream. Mainstream in my case meaning that a lot of the designers items found in this store can also be found at other stores or online -- however it is a very stylish selection and the store is well worth a visit if you are in Williamsburg.

We stopped at the (Radegast Hall &) Biergarten on North 3rd which is a good rest pit if you are thirsty (not so great if you are hungry and a non-carnivore) and well worth a visit for it's overall set-up. We also peeked at Fette Sau on Metropolitan Avenue; another BBQ joint very reminiscent of Northern European hang-outs, but again completely not for you if you are a vegetarian or vegan. Just breathing in at this local makes you non-vegan.
Great set up though and just like Kiosk I love the Neon Sign luring you to the spot. I hope someone or the guys from Fette Sau also set-up a vegan grill joint or one that can also accommodate vegetarians. That would be nice and hopefully a sustainable business.
Later that night we ate (good salads & great pesto bruscetta) and hung out a bit at Rose (a bar, restaurant & live music venue) on Grand Street, which is owned by the (opera) singer Carlo Vutera. The husband and another friend joined us there and all of us enjoyed this place. Before heading home we stopped quickly by Bembe on S. 6th (by the bridge & the train), which continues to be just great. DJ David Medina was spinning and the vibe inside was great. The doorman/bouncer was a bit fresh, but perhaps that's somewhat understandable since it was a cold, wet and snowy night and he had to be out there for hours.

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