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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Living in Three Centuries

Mark Story 's photoproject "Living in Three Centuries" (via Kottke) is well worth looking at. My husband and I are currently visiting his grandmother AKA 'Super Nonna' who is almost 98 years of age and so Story's project was of particular interest to me, but I think anyone will get something out of looking at these portraits.

Milk Machine - il mio latte appenda munto: latte crudo self-service

In Europe change is slow to come and it can still be difficult to buy things later in the night or on Sundays or on holidays. This is combatted by planning ahead but modern society is not quite as satisfied with this. Thus the other night while in Italy I was introduced to a self-service milk machine.

delicious fresh milk © Nina Buesing

You can buy fresh organic unpasteurized milk from this machine any time of day. While the mass cultivation of milk cows is bad for the environment I was happy to see that this milk was organic and that you could bring your own container -- thus creating less waste.