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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thank You


Three Years Ago

N&D and a perfect blue Belizean Sky- Thanks Hanky :)

Nice to have such talented friends - Thanks Cat

I Have a Thing About Hues & Colors

Thanks for observing the 'color wheel' ;) -Bridezilla

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Scott Schuhman in India

I mentioned earlier that Scott Schuhman AKA The Satorialist has been travelling in India -- and the great captures keep coming.
Take a look here: http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/search?q=new+dehli
Really exciting work!

Jane Tam (A Hurray for Contemporary Photography)

I have been meaning to write about Jane Tam, but wasn't quite sure what exactly I wanted to say, besides that I like her work. The very informed Rona Chang (who is at Fotofest and whose work you must check out if you are there) mentioned Jane Tam to me. Previously I - and also my dear friend Emily - blogged about how we are less excited about photography. While some of the new possibilities that came with digital have been amazing, there has also been a distinct negative impact felt in the photographic evolution from the digital revolution. Most unfortunately I find it harder and harder to find new photography that I like or/and find engaging.
But then came along Jane Tam. A native New Yorker, she is currently finishing her BFA at Syracuse University. She has a strong vision in her work already and apparently a solid foundation as well. I love her sense of color & atmosphere as displayed in her recent series "Asleep at Sea", her frankness in her series "Welcome Home" and I was completely sold on her work when I saw "Can I Come Home With You ?".

From the series "Asleep at Sea" © Jane Tam

Yesterday's mail brought home my piece from the Small Works Show - a personal work in which I combined drawing/painting with photography. So no doubt the importance of the personal and the exploration of mixed media have been on my mind. And Jane Tam did combine these elements in a very contemporary manner in her (book) project "Can I Come Home With You?"
- merging original images from her "Welcome Home" series with illustrations derived from found family photographs.

From the series "Can I Come Home With You?" © Jane Tam
-- or as I like to call it "The Audacity of Hope for Photography' ;)

Find out more about Jane Tam by visiting her comprehensive and delightfully easy to navigate & digest website: www.janetam.com - I love her name too ;)

Wear Palettes (Inspired by The Satorialist)

Wear Palettes is a blog about color palettes inspired by photographs taken by Scott Schuman for The Satorialist - one of my favourite blogs.
Wear Palettes is published by a graphic design student who extrapolates colors from images taken by Mr. Schuman and who presents these palettes alongside the images that they originated from. The color palettes presented are quite beautiful & inspirational . Wear Palettes also gives occasion to revisit some of the Satorialist's best pictures. Yesterday's palette was extracted from a Parisian portrait of the delightful Wes Anderson and a still from Mr. Wes Anderson's latest movie "The Darjeeling Limited" - which of course was filmed in India. Scott Schuhman has been travelling in India recently too -- capturing some beautiful portraits and fantastic outfits. My parents in law are also on their way to India right now. Seems like India is on everyone's mind :)

a palette inspired by the Indian Flag (by me)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lori Nix

Horses Think always highlights interesting (new) photography. Today's blog was about Lori Nix. You might have seen her work in magazines or galleries. You can get better acquainted with her work via her website: www.lorinix.com.
Like Horses Think I really responded to "Vacuum Showroom, 2006" which is from a series titled "The City". I keep thinking that it would be great to see a show of Ms. Nix's work with the work of Robert Polidori.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Follow Up: Thomas Holton & Sasha Wolf

The New York Times yesterday reported in their City Section about Thomas Holton's work. The article is titled "Living Small" and was written by Bonnie Yochelson. It is accompanied by a slide show -- watch "2 Rooms on Ludlow" here.
Or even better if you are in New York, do visit Sasha Wolf Gallery and look at the actual prints of "The Lams of Ludlow Street", which will be on view through April 26, 2008. As I have written before this is noteworthy work, but Sasha Wolf also deserves credit.
Ms. Wolf has a keen curatorial eye and has added an outstanding exhibition space to downtown Manhattan. She is reviving more than one tradition by reintroducing relevant art to Lower Manhattan and by her choice to focus on quality documentary and post-documentary photographic work.
Read more about Ms. Wolf in The Tribeca Trib and the Downtown Express.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Work By Ryan McLennan

Today I heard from one of my favorite contemporary painters, Ryan McLennan, whose new work you can see & purchase at BLK/RKT Gallery.
I can never get enough of Ryan's work and I love the new elements that he has recently introduced. His voice is only growing stronger and more expressive.
Ryan also has a show opening in three weeks at Kinsey/Des Forges in L.A. I will remind you of this as we get closer of the date :)

Meanwhile enjoy these works of Ryan's:

Expecting and Condo © Ryan McLennan