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Saturday, May 24, 2008

June is Louise Bourgeois Month

June will be an excellent month for admirers (like me) of the inspirational Louise Bourgeois.
Following the outstanding Cai Guo-Giang exhibit, the Guggenheim New York will present a full-career retrospective of Ms. Bourgeois' work -- from June 27 to September 28, 2008. In addition the Film Forum in New York will show "Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, The Mistress and the Tangerine" a documentary film about the sculptor and her work by the late filmmaker Marion Cajori and art critic Amei Wallach, from June 25 - July 8, 2008.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Vegan Experiment

Talking about food: Oprah has embarked on a 21 Day cleanse during which she will follow a strict vegan diet. Go Oprah!
I appreciate the gesture greatly, even though most likely she will return to eating other things post cleanse.
Being a vegetarian or vegan is not easy and one catches a lot of flack for it. Why? I have no idea.
Many people feel the need to ridicule, mock and discredit vegetarians. Of course there are also some wackos on this side of the fence, however main stream western society is only starting to be kinder towards those of us who abstain from eating meat and thus I thank Oprah for bringing attention to the issue. And I thank friends, family and everyone else who has (or will) accommodate(d) my food preference. But most of all I thank my father-in-law (a brilliant chef) who cooked the most beautiful & tasty (vegan!) wedding buffet imaginable when we tied the knot.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fiddlehead Ferns

I know it is Spring when Fiddlehead ferns are available. I like them the way my husband makes them: spot boiled then sauteed with garlic and olive oil. So tasty.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Horses Think Don't Think: RFK, Rauschenberg & More

Horses Think is another blog I really enjoy. The last two posts are an example while I enjoy this blog much. Today's post is about Paul Fusco's RFK Funeral Train and the previous post pointed to an excellent Op-Ed piece by David Byrne honoring Robert Rauschenberg.
Sometimes Horses Think might simply pick up on a story and often good commentary is added too. Either way it is always a good read.

Interviews: Colberg/Van Meene & Kinsey/McLennan

Joerg Colberg just posted his interview with Hellen Van Meene on Conscientious.
Joerg Colberg is one of my favorite 'photo voices' and while I generally am less interested in portraiture, the work of Hellen Van Meene has always blown my mind.
This year I finally bought a copy of her fist book "Portraits" published by Aperture and next on my lists of books to acquire is her monogram "Japan Series".
The interview with Joerg Colberg is wonderful and confirms much of my personal ideas and takes on Ms. Van Meene's work and method of working. I think Richard Avedon once said that all his portraits were really about him (thus the title Autobiography for his most encompassing monogram) and I think the same applies to Ms. Van Meene-- and that is the kind of portraiture (paradoxically perhaps) that interests me.
With the interview post you can also get a glimpse of new work by this incredible artist.

Dave Kinsey recently interviewed one of my favorite painters, Ryan McLennan.
I am a bit fanatical about Ryan's work. The first time I saw it on Tiny Showcase I knew his work was special and if I could, I would buy it all.

Complacency © Ryan McLennan

This interview is a real treat and similar as to the interview of Van Meene (mentioned above) the McLennan interview confirms to me that I 'get the work' which is always a pleasure to find out.
Check out the Dave Kinsey's conversation with Ryan on FecalFace.com and learn more about this very talented & grounded artist, find out more about his method of working and the message behind the work. This is someone to watch.

How can you not love a dude with a beard like that? ;)
courtesy Kate/McLennan/FecalFace

The Edge of Heaven

As I mentioned before my cousin Katrin, who is a costume designer, worked on Fatih Akin's movie "The Edge of Heaven" which is finally opening at New York's Film Forum. Do check it out if you have the opportunity.
It is also very favorably reviewed in this week's New Yorker (as previously by Variety) by Anthony Lane in an article titled "Beautiful Friendships".

Auf der anderen Seite courtesy Corazon/Pandora/Strand

Monday, May 19, 2008

Orphan Works Bill - Update & Call for Action

Head over to Carolyn E. Wright's site PhotoAttorney.com (not a bad blog to keep in rotation) to find out more (via A Photo Editor)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dummy Magazin & Arno Schidlowski

When I flew back to New York from Hamburg this week at the airport I was browsing for some German magazine to read and take with me. I am not that excited about editorial anymore, so much of it has become boring, but I had hopes that perhaps I would find something exciting.
And I did: The "Tiere (Animal) issue of Dummy Magazin(e).
The cover caught my eye and after reading the entire magazine (now that is rare!) and absorbing all of it's visual content, I suspect this magazine would hold my attention no matter what topic. It's frank and it does not shy away from controversial & thought-provoking discourse. It's set-up similar to Big magazine (one topic per magazine and interesting photography), except there is lots more writing, the paper is n0t as extravagant and it has a kinder price tag.

In this issue of Dummy I came across the familiar work of Robin Schwartz (whose cover made me look at the magazine) and great work by by Alessandra Sanguinetti, and most importantly I discovered the work of Arno Schildlowski.
Animal imagery is difficult to do well. Often it ends up being cheesy and straight forward wildlife photography while beautiful (and great in a book) is not really something I want to hang on my wall.
Arno Schidlowski however captures animals in a different way. In his artist statement (which he was kind enough to email me) for his series titled "Summa" he speaks (very eloquently) about how is work is guided mostly by instinct& spontaneity; because he needs to be able to react to the unpredictable, un-directable animal, but also because an instinctual approach promotes an outcome that separates itself from the accepted & standard portrayal of the subject matter.

From the series "SUMMA" © Arno Schidlowski

Stylistically I love the daring dark palette. I find the minimalism & abstraction clever, because it focuses the attention of the viewer on important elements and allows the imagination (as is the intention of Arno) to fill in the blanks, while creating subtle appealing imagery. There is much unknown to us about the (animal) world and Arno Schidlowski in his work admits it and leaves space for that that we do not know and/or cannot control.

You can see the Summa series at DUMMY galerie in Berlin until June 3, 2008.

If you like this work you might also want to take a look at the work of photographer Tim Flach (a more artisan approch to the subject) and a look at some of my Fauna work.