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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Soho, Sewage & Brad Pitt

Soho is one of my favorite little corners in this world, however the plumbing can suck. Certain buildings on certain days just smell like sewage. It's gross.
One of my first jobs in photography entailed assisting and doing some production for a lifestyle photographer in Soho.
We worked out of his loft. Also residing in the building at the time were Brad Pitt & Gwyneth Paltrow.
One day I was alone in the elevator with Brad Pitt and it was one of those days when it had been raining and the common areas and the elevator had that sewage smell.
So while we are riding up in the elevator, Brad turns to me and goes: "Did you fart?".
The man is funny and so I am looking forward to "Burn After Reading" the newest Coen Brother's movie, which stars Brad (if you have asked me if I farted we are on a first name basis).
You can find the trailer on youtube, here.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Shows in Town

Paolo Roversi
32 East 57th Street
New York
May 21-June 14, 2008

Paolo Roversi prints are always full of beauty and artisanship.

Neil Folberg
Celestial Nights: Visions of an Ancient Land
Organized by Aperture
Yeshiva University Museum
15 West 16th Street
New York
May 11-August 24, 2008

I love the desert landscapes showing desert flora and the night sky.

Jeff Olson
North Woods II
Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art
511 West 25th Street
New York
April 17-May 31, 2008

I found this artist via Conscientious.

Sundance @ BAM

Sundance @ BAM is now under way. The subject of "Adopt Me, Michael Jordan" is of interest to me, but unfortunately I will have to miss this screening & discussion of this film. If anyone attends, let me know your reactions & thoughts.

(via www.BAM.org):

Adopt Me, Michael Jordan (2008) 120min
Fri, Jun 6 at 7pm*
*Followed by Filmmaker's Journey with filmmakers Melanie Judd and Susan Motamed
› Buy Tickets

Adopt Me, Michael Jordan follows Weynshet, a twelve-year old girl who travels from an Ethopian orphanage to an adoptive family in the US. In this work-in-progress documentary, the award-winning producing team of Melanie Judd and Susan Motamed focus on the experiences of a child, illuminating the complications of international adoption and raising the question of what it means to lose everything you know in order to get what you need.

FOLLOWED BY: A Filmmaker's Journey
Melanie Judd and Susan Motamed offer a look into their creative process and engage in an in-depth discussion of adoption and its impact with the audience and special guests. Judd and Motamed developed their film with support from the Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program, which encourages the exploration of innovative nonfiction storytelling through artist grants, creative support at Documentary Labs, on-going Work-in-Progress screenings, and year-round opportunities to advance films and illuminate issues.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jhumpa Lahiri on Charlie Rose

Via Liz Kuball's blog I ended up on the Charlie Rose site to watch his latest conversation with the amazing writer Jhumpa Lahiri:

May 27, 2008 courtesy Charlie Rose Show

and as someone in the comments noted she seemed in a very different mood from previous times she was on Charlie Rose. As other remarked, what is interesting to see is how honestly she speaks about her experience.

December 24, 2003 courtesy Charlie Rose Show

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sydney Pollack

I love the movies. And Sydney Pollack had a lot to do with that. I love the movies in which he directed Robert Redford (Three Days of the Condor, Out of Africa, The Way We Were, Jeremiah Johnson) ; I loved last year's Michael Clayton which Mr. Pollack produced and starred in (the scene of George Clooney and the horses is probably one of my all time favorite scenes in a film), and I am looking forward to seeing The Reader which he also produced. A gifted director, and an outstanding producer Sydney Pollack in addition was also a talented comedic actor -- whether as the agent of Dorothy in Tootsie or on the small screen as the father of Will on Will & Grace or simply playing himself in a cameo on Entourage.
Sydney Pollack made movies since before I was born and I will miss his influence.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mel Kadel

A little while back I discovered the work of Mel Kadel via Little Paper Planes and the husband treated me to a lovely print of Ms.Kadel's work via this fantastic & affordable online store,
Anyway, check out the quirky world of Mel Kadel here: www.melkadel.com

Stompers 36/100 © MelKadel