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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Christopher Hitchens, Bohemia & Preservation

'Downtown' as I kno(e)w it is shrinking. Andrew Berman & GVSHP is putting up a good fight (I disagree with him on Chupi, but mostly I support him and man, am I glad he is out there leading the fight for preservation).
What Trump is doing downtown is still beyond me and one cannot escape the shadow of the awful Trump condo tower when one stands in the heart of the Village or Soho. Trump is part of New York, I get that. I just prefer him to be a part of uptown. Which leads me to Christopher Hitchens article in the current issue of Vanity Fair titled "Last Call, Bohemia". Mr. Hitchens states that downtown needs more aggressive preservation. To all who love downtown, it is obvious that this is true and most importantly that downtown (excluding the financial district) needs an immediate height restriction.
I know there are other boroughs, but it is not the same. And again what does it contribute to the city and Manhattan and the country if downtown looks like midtown?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Charlotte Dumas

Tema participated in the HIV Law Project Exhibit & Auction while I was away, through the auction's website I was introduced to the work of Charlotte Dumas, which like the work of Arno Schildlowski is of course right up my alley, take a look here and here.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

White Horse

White Horse © Tema Stauffer

I mentioned before how much I enjoy the blog of artist Tema Stauffer. I loved the story and image of her June 8, 2008 entry titled "Smiley". It's what life is all about. And I am so happy Tema is recording not only these images but also the stories that accompany them.
And I am (predictably) a little obsessed with the photograph above and the relating blog entry titled "White Horse" -- also to be found on Tema's blog: www.palmaire.blogspot.com.
The "White Horse" image will be included in a group show at Randall Scott Gallery in D.C. this July, along with some other outstanding art by Tema and others.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Opening Reception for Paul Fusco @ Danzinger

Tonight is the opening reception for Paul Fusco's "RFK Funeral Train - Rediscovered":

Danziger Projects
521 West 26th Street
NY, NY 10001
6-8 PM

So on this occasion I wanted to take the opportunity to also direct your attention to two pieces about this exhibit. First up is James Danziger's blogpost titled "Pictures from a Train" and The New York Times' article by James Stevenson "R.F.K., R.I.P., Revisited".
This work is incredibly powerful and it absolutely restores my faith in the power of photography.
On a technical note, if you see these photographs take a look at that color and the quality of the images. Hard to imagine doing this with digital. Sorry to be pedantic, but after reading Emily's post yesterday, I am again very concerned that we will see the absolute disappearance of film sooner than later.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back in Town

The posts have been few and far between because I returned to The Bahamas to attend a wedding on (one of) the most beautiful beach(es) in the world.
The sand was pink, the water turquoise and the bride wore a romantic yet edgy Morgane Le Fay white feather dress and the groom a beautiful white linen suit with a blue & white small-checker-print shirt and a pink& white small-side-striped tie.

We returned to sweltering heat and a sweaty city and I am still trying to catch up with all that happened while I was away.

While we were away Sentaor Obama won the nomination © Nina Buesing

I will post some images from my trip soon. One of the things I definitely reaffirmed while away is that I like to shoot analog. Digital has it uses and is great for commercial work and some documentary work. But analog is so much more beautiful and I also must say that my Pentax 67 & my Hasselbald once again performed perfectly, while my 5D had a little hiccup and decided to stop working for a little while (The heat and humidity was just too much for it).
It will be a few days until I have some images. I am actually holding off on processing my film today, because they said the power grid is at full capacity and just in case we have another power outage I do not want my film to be stuck in the processor if that happens.
Oh the joys of analog photography -- but you know what?It's so worth it.
I leave you with a Polaroid taken during my trip.

Beach towel / Mane's cottage © Nina Buesing