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Saturday, June 21, 2008

C'est jaune, c'est moche, ca ne va avec rien ...

With true aplomb and hanseatic self-mockery Karl Lagerfeld is currently lending his image to a clever French road safety ad.
Polyglot Paris based Lagerfeld, is absolutely fluent in English, however I think he is not quite as witty as he is most definitely in German and I think also in French -- and thus I think perhaps the American public at times misses certain facets of Mr. Lagerfeld's immense persona, which led him to be an adored and I think even beloved icon in Europe.
Below a 2006 conversation between Charlie Rose & Karl Lagerfeld.

© The Charlie Rose Show

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ruth Van Beek

Via Zoum Zoum I came across the collages of Ruth Van Beek. And I love them. Go check them out here: www.ruthvanbeek.com; my favorite is the 'photo reconstructions' section.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And now a Deer

At last another image for the series I began in February.

Das Reh © Nina Buesing Corvallo

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Historic day in California today:

Fabulous Helmut Newton

I am currently reading the latest Jhumpa Lahiri collection of short stories and while discussing it with my friend Andrea, I came to the conclusion that honesty is probably the most important quality for an artist and the creative process.
Which leads me to (the late) Helmut Newton. I always liked and often loved the work of Helmut Newton, I do not find his work offensive. As time has passed I think his portrayal of women seems much kinder than what we are fed today and even his critics might have to concede to that.
What I like about the work is the audacity and the honesty.
Mr. Newton photographed what he was interested in, what he knew - and did so without apology and with much frankness.
I recently watched Helmut Newton: Frames from the Edge which I recommend and today I read James Danzinger interview with Mr. Newton (to be found on Mr. Danzinger's excellent blog The Year in Pictures), which is well worth reading. It is a revealing exchange and to me shows a man of great heart.
Mr. Newton's imagery no doubt informed my visual repertoire as his imagery was ever present while I was growing up in Germany & France. Along with the recently deceased Yves Saint Laurent, and contrary to frequent criticism, Mr. Newton helped me develop a sense of a modern & strong woman.

Vintage YSL - reminder of the famous 'woman in
smoking' image in French Vogue 1975
©Nina Corvallo

Monday, June 16, 2008

Will Steacy & Hank Willis Thomas

Will Steacy's Project "The Photographs Not Taken" concludes powerfully with an essay by Hank Willis Thomas.
You can it read here.
I have never met Will, however I am proud to say he is a fellow Tisch Alum as are my dear friends Hank, Emily & Wyatt -- among many others. As I have become older and hopefully wiser I came to the perhaps obvious conclusion that school is very much about the people you connect with, the friendships you make, the peer group you build. Because I lived a few places I attended a few schools, and I was fortunate enough to attend some very good ones. My parents let me choose my last high school (UNIS) and were supportive of my choice for higher education (NYU, twice) and while at times it might not have been clear to me whilst attending, I was very privileged to attend both institutions, which are probably among the most diverse schools in the world, partially due to their location: New York City.
Both schools led me to people who are deeply committed to making the world a better place (yeah, I am talking about you Andrea , Hank , Mere & co) , to people who think outside the box (the husband) and to many very good friends (too long a list).
Anyway, add Will's blog to your RSS feed. It's a gem.

Pink Face, New Orleans, LA 2006 © Will Steacy

Ricotta Flatcakes with Maple Butter

One of my guilty pleasures are the Ricotta Flatcakes at The Landing. This weekend I wanted to make this delicious breakfast myself for good friends and the husband. And with the help of a Nigella Lawson recipe for Ricotta Hotcakes I succeeded.
Ms. Lawson suggests serving the pan or flat or hotcakes with apricots in honey(which sounds yummy), but I decided to serve it Landing style with maple butter and bananas -- and I also added raspberries and strawberries in agave and Belizean coconut rum --giving it a Caribbean touch ;).
I also made the pancakes a bit richer than Ms. Lawson's suggestion, using whole milk ricotta and some extra milk. I also substituted all purpose flower with brown rice flower, because that is what I had handy.
It turned out delicious however I felt guilty about the use of all that dairy (which at least was organic from grass fed pasture kept cows). So next weekend I will attempt a vegan and perhaps more eco-friendly version.
I will let you know how it turns out.

The Inspiration © Nina Corvallo