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Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Sentimental Re-education: Luke & Olivia, Adam & Martha, New York & Paris.

Adam Gopnik is one of my favorite writers. Several years back I overheard someone in a bookstore in the West Village talk about a book by a New Yorker writer.
The book was "From Paris to the Moon" by Adam Gopnik. I bought it soon after and read it very slowly, as I do with every book I love -- extending the pleasure, staying in the world of the book a little longer.
Adam Gopnik's writings while popular are not for everyone. Some find Mr. Gopnik's work self-centered, pretentious, long winded and exclusive. Particularly the latter I find unfair. Yes, not everyone gets to make a living writing for the New Yorker and do so from Paris when they decide they need a change of scenery, but Adam Gopnik absolutely revels & appreciates the mundane and values what he has. And while it appears acceptable to show off one's material wealth, display of intellectual prowess is regarded with disdain and often greeted with sneers and mistrust (the current US election reflects this trend clearly). This utterly perplexes me.
It is easy to write about culture and be divisive, but Adam Gopnik observes and analyses always with tenderness & affection. His writings are a balanced record of the universal & the differences.

Below are three videos of Adam Gopnik speaking with Charlie Rose first about "Paris to the Moon" and later about "Through the Children's Gate" -- a collection of stories about life in New York.

courtesy The Charlie Rose Show

courtesy The Charlie Rose Show

courtesy The Charlie Rose Show

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday This & That

from "Homeland" © Nina Berman

Time for some tips:
If you are in New York today or Sunday you can get your portrait taken near Union Square by Cara Phillips. After you could mosy up to Michael Mazzeo Gallery to see the exquisite work of Chris McCaw (tx Horses Think).
And you could round off your Photo Experience by attending the book launch of Nina Berman's monogram "Homeland" tonight (find out more via www.ninaberman.com). Like Tema Stauffer and Jessica Ingram, Nina Berman tells stories about America. Her unflinching eye does not allow for excuses, and if for some strange reason you are American and undecided this book should help you make a decision quickly.
Next week's Nymphoto Conversation will be with Nina Berman --two Ninas for the price of one ;) -- and publish Thursday on www.nymphoto.blogspot.com.
Photographers are an opinionated & passionate bunch. The photographic medium lends itself so well to story telling and particularly documentary photography can capture history and zeitgeist poignantly. An extraordinary example of this is the work of Paul Fusco.
Will Steacy wrote a very eloquent review of "Paul Fusco: RFK" for Photo Eye, which you can read here.
James Danziger recently showed Fusco's work at his gallery. Danziger Projects is one of my favorite venues and is currently showing the work of Alejandra Laviada, whose work has been criticized by some as a copy of the work of Fischli & Weiss, but I think her work is well worth seeing.
One of these days I will giddy up and write about originality and homages and inspiration and the pitfalls of those in making art.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Picture from Belize

Afternoon in St.Bight © Nina Buesing

I haven't had much time to blog because I am dealing with some paperwork. While looking for documents I came across this image from Southern Belize that I took some years back, but still love. It's nice when an image holds up.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Best Husband Ever

Mr. Bompa ("rude in the front & back" -well put, .girl ferment.) has somehow awakened the more mischievous side of me and made me nostalgic for my 'wilder' days.
And in that spirit I am sharing some Super 8 footage (unfortunately w/o sound) of my hubby back in his rockstar days. Yup, that's my husband, the hot guy with the long dreads and the awesome Thunderbird bass.

Warp Tour © Nina Buesing Corvallo

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

1 Year Anniversary !

Who would have thunk?!
It has been a year since my first post. Blogging has opened up a whole new world and I am grateful in particular to my favorite bloggers (see the list on the side bar--and if you have suggestions for other blogs, please suggest away), who often brighten my day or introduce me to something new or simply express ideas & sentiments that I was pondering myself. The blogging world is a joy and like so many good things in life basically free.

I LOVE Mr. Bompa (made& designed by Smosch). Nudist Mr.Bompa (with the Empire State Building in the background) sends greeting back home to Sweden from downtown NYC! Mr. Bompa thinks that Sandra & Johan will love NYC. ©Nina Buesing Corvallo

Yesterday, Mr. Bompa arrived from Sweden. Mr. Bompa, who I discovered via Sandra Juto's blog, arrived very appropriately on the last day of my first year of blogging. I had been eyeing Sandra's 'buttcrack characters' for a while and Mr. Bompa was the one for me!
The pictures below doesn't do Mr. Bompa justice, I was not able to capture a good full frontal against New York skyline with the camera phone. So to see Mr.Bompa in all his glory head over to Smosch, it's well worth the visit.
Also take a moment to check out the Smosch shop, I love the wrist worms and pocket calendars!
And talking about Swedish Bloggers & Shops: Thank you Camilla for mentioning my blog on your blog today. That makes today a perfect blog anniversary day :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Family Affair

I love photographs. Not just the fine art kind, but all kinds of photography. And especially pictures of friends and family (see also my previous post). They can convey and hold so much.
Last night I went to see Hank speak at a talk sponsored by the Lucie Awards and EnFoco.
Hank talked about following the footsteps of his mother, the great Deb Willis, and illustrated this by showing an image of him and his mother.
You can catch mother & son inconversation at Aperture November 11, 2008. Find more info at www.aperture.org. (tx Rona).

Hank showing a picture of him & his mother by Nina Buesing Corvallo