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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Madonna & The Burka

Burka on the Beach ©Nina Buesing

I love Madonna. I do. I was a teenager when her career was in full swing and I think she provided an excellent example for me. She is hardworking, disciplined, outspoken and doesn't subordinate or take crap from people and particularly not from men.
Her message was/is: You can be whatever you want. For me Madonna never promoted promiscuity, but just send a clear message that a woman should be in charge of her sexuality. And that women should be responsible for themselves.
People love to to hate Madonna. Just like they like to tear down many other powerful women.
Donald Trump recently called Madonna an idiot for supposedly not having a pre-nup.
I just see a woman, who is very aware of her power who did the best she could not to emasculate her husband while not compromising who she was. No pre-nup (as I see it) meant: I want you to be my partner.
Well, and even if she looses half of her fortune, she still have left plenty AND she is in the process of making some more. Which brings me to my next thought: Madonna's appearance at age 50.
Madonna is on tour and there are lots of pictures of her on stage available.
Many people make awful comments about her body, saying that it is too muscular, too saggy. About her way of dressing they say it is inappropriate for a 50 year old. And some say the overall result is proof that she is taken the modern beauty ideal too far.
Yes, she is very buff. And yes she doesn't look 25 anymore. And she is not dressing like most 50 year-olds. But seriously, so what? She should dress however she sees fit, especially on stage. Telling her to cover herself up when she does not want to is like telling someone to wear a burka when they don't want to.
And besides, she is an entertainer, on stage.
As to her body, yes it is unusual, but I think of her as an athlete, and a practicing athlete would have a body like that -- even at age 50. It seems she has had some plastic surgery on her face, and that's not my cup of tea, but she certainly has the right to do it. I think Angelina Jolie (another entertainer) has had a nose job, but no one goes nutty over that. No, on the contrary: Angelina is celebrated as the most beautiful woman in the world (and she is stunning).
Plus where does it stop? I never wear makeup, but I have colored my hair since I was a teen. I had my teeth bleached once. How about hair elimination? Is that too much? What about tattoos?
I have a very flat stomach naturally. While my thighs are not that hot. I don't diet. I eat however much I want, but try to eat healthy for the sake of my health, not for weight control.
Madonna reminds me that my thighs could look better without the knife and without starving myself, just by working out -- and that I would probably be healthier if I did. And that I am responsible for my body.
And who compares themselves seriously with Madonna anyway? Do you compare your earnings with hers? No, so why do you compare your body with hers? Come on. Madonna just operates differently from most people. I think we all know that.
And I think certain level of vanity is healthy. It's good to keep yourself attractive. It's about balance -- mind & body.
As to what kind of example Madonna is to other women, I think she has contributed plenty. She is far from perfect, but I think she is clearly a feminist and has demonstrated how a woman can be strong, independent & determined.
Madonna is 50 and she is not done. Why do people want her to pack it in? That's ageism. If Madonna can sell 50,ooo tickets in a single night, I think she earned the right to be up on that stage. And how great that she is standing by Britney! Britney who is trying to get a grip and who also was judged much too cruelly by the public. (How she was judged by the courts I am ok with).Why too cruelly I say? Because she is just an entertainer! What do you expect? She wasn't running for vice-president.

You want to bitch about unhealthy bodies? Well, I recently saw those girls on the new 90210 and those are some skinny girls! Seriously skinny.
And they do not look like they are skinny because they have spent hours dancing and training, or even because they are just naturally skinny, they look like they just smoke cigarettes and starve themselves. And they wear super short skirts in their fictional high-school, which I find more provocative than Madonna's costumes on stage. But whatev.

I'll have an Obama, Please.

There are so many thoughts buzzing in my head about this election and the President elect. And frankly I am still at a lack of words, besides "Yeah!","What a relief", "Boo on Prop 8" & "Prop2 represents progress".

My friend Fiona in Belize took the picture below at a beach bar in Placencia, Southern Belize. As I said in my November 4th post, many people all around the world were/are rooting for -now President Elect- Barack Obama.

they really have a way to name their drinks. While we were in Belize with friends & family for our wedding, everyone visiting got a great kick out of a drink named "Panty Ripper" (consisting of Belizean Coconot Rum & Pineapple Juice). ©Fiona McFarlane

Friday, November 7, 2008

Opening Tonight: Ryan McLennan & Amy Ross - Taxonomic Intoxication

If you follow this blog you know how great I think Ryan McLennan work is and how fond I am of Amy Ross' work. This Friday a show with works of both of these very talented artist opens at Transmission Gallery in Richmond and will run through November 29, 2008.

Ceremony ©Ryan McLennan

Woodpeckershrooms ©Amy Ross

Taxonomic Intoxication -- new work by Ryan McLennan & Amy Ross
Transmission Gallery
321 Brook Rd.
Richmond, VA 23220
Nov. 7-29, 2008
Opening Reception Nov. 7, 2008: 7-10pm

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Communication Breakdown

A stranger wrote me a lovely email today about my work, and it somehow disappeared. I suspect it was erased accidentally in/by my Blackberry. Anyway, I of course love when people send me nice emails about my work and I usually mean to at least thank the person. I could not reply to today's email because it was lost, but in case you read this: Thank you!

Opening Reception Tonight: Soho Photo Alternative Processes Show

Untitled(Gloriana) ©Nina Buesing Corvallo

Annual Alternative Processes Competition Exhibit
Juried by Dan Estabrook
Soho Photo Gallery
15 White Street
New York, NY 10013
Opening Reception November 06, 2008 6-8p.m.

Featuring work by yours truly and the talented Jennifer Williams. Jen won the Grand Prize in this competition and is also featured today on Nymphoto Conversations, interviewed by Rona Chang, go check it out please.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Because Horses Are Pretty

tink tink ©Nina Buesing Corvallo

One of my favorite blogs is my love for you is a stampede of horses, so I was THRILLED to be highlighted by Meighan O'Toole on her blog. Take a look here and poke around this very well curated blog, that is sure to introduce you to some awesome art.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

2008 US Election Results (by Google) -updated throughout the night


Soho November 2008 © Nina Corvallo

The US has been the place in the world where I have lived the longest, where I received the last two years of my high-school education, where I went to college and where I went to graduate school. It's where I met my husband and where he was born, it's where my nephews were born, it's where I pay taxes, it's home as much as a place can be.
I really wish I could vote today. But I am not a citizen of the US. I hope if you are an American citizen you are voting today and frankly I hope you vote for Senator Barack Obama.
You might find it inappropriate that I am expressing this opinion while not being a citizen of your country, but I, like a lot of other citizens of the world, am very anxious about the outcome of this historic election. And like it or not, the decisions of your government affect not just you.

People all around the world are rooting for Barrack Obama. I have heard Americans in the US and American expats express their surprise at the interest non-Americans have in this election.
But really it is not curious at all. America's decisions affect the whole world. That is the consequence of being a superpower. So you are not just voting for you, you are voting for the rest of us too. We are all in the same boat.
And while I would prefer Barack Obama to say "rid ourselves of the dependency of oil" instead of "rid ourselves of the dependency on Middle Eastern oil"; and even though I wish Barrack Obama would say that he is for gay marriage (no, civil unions are not good enough in my book); and even though I wish that Barrack Obama leave God out of his public life all together -- regardless of all that (and perhaps then some)-- I still think very firmly that he is the very best choice in this election.

I love so many things about America and I choose to live in New York-- because I love it here-- so I am saying this with care & hope, as a citizen of the world - to you, fellow citizen of the world: please vote and vote for Barack Obama.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Another World

My friend Andrea is in Myanmar/Burma and here are some images from her stay:

all images courtesy & copywrite Andrea