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Friday, January 2, 2009

Daniel Cooney's 2nd Emerging Artists Auction

© Nina Buesing

Head over to www.igavel.com to see the latest Emerging Artists Auction curated & presented by Daniel Cooney. The works are also available for viewing at Daniel Conney Fine Art in Chelsea.

I am grateful to Dan Cooney, and flattered to be included in this auction along with the talented Juliana Beasely, Toni Pepe, Pixy Liao, Shane Lavalette, Nadine Rover, Nyra Lang, Sam Falls and others.

My image in the auction is from a stay in Ubud, Bali. Travelling to Indonesia and the island of Bali without a doubt was one of the greatest experiences of my life. My friend Andrea, whose mother hails from Indonesia, set things up so that we would be there during the holiday of Galugan. A perfect time to visit, because the island's mysticism is in overdrive during this celebration and I felt as if I had transcended to Middle-earth or something.

I recommend travelling to Bali, but if you can't, maybe my print can bring a little of Paradise-like Bali to you ;)

The auction ends January 21, 2009. Happy Bidding!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello 2009!

Here it is: 2009! I am excited.

© H&M (HH)

My dear friends H& M send me the best video this morning, above you can an see an excerpt. And I also received a great New Year greeting from another cherished friend: Fiona. You can see her pic below.

© Fiona It's not too late to get your copy of Fi's Placencia Calendar

After a mellow evening at home with the husband and the cats, today we greeted the year with spending the day with my parents. My family has a tradition of visiting the water New Year's day and spitting in water for good luck (it's a Hamburg thing). If you can't be near open water, I say spit in the toilet. Water is water.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mr. Pommeroy, Mr. Winterbottom, Sir Toby & Admiral von Schneider

Sandra Juto is great at sharing Swedish culture on her blog Smosch. Not just the mainstream stuff, but real tid bits of contemporary culture. So on this New Year's Eve let me share a similar cultural nugget from my home country of Germany: "Dinner For One".

Uninterrupted since 1972, "Dinner for One" (in its original English, not dubbed!) is broadcast every New Year's eve and watched by millions of my fellow country men & women. "Dinner for One" is a slapstick sketch written by Brit Lauri Wylie in the 1920's. The version re-broadcasted in Germany every year was filmed in Hamburg in 1962 and it stars Freddie Frinton & May Warden.
You can find the sketch on YouTube.

One New Year's when I flew Lufthansa to Berlin, they even showed "Dinner for One" on the plane.
In that sense my friend Alex is right when he says: "Flying Lufthansa is so nice, because once you are on one of their planes it is as if you are already home in Germany".

Culture, Baby. There you have it.

I wish everyone a happy, healthy, prosper & love-filled 2009!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Change in America

One of the joys of living in the US © Nina Corvallo

Not sure I like all the change upon us. For one, I prefer the old Tropicana packaging.
However the juice continues to be top notch. I don't think there is a better & more consistent packaged OJ out there. Delicious! (Even if corporate)

Sunday, December 28, 2008


I guess all that has been going on of late has caught up with me. I have the flu or a severe cold and today I spent the entire day sleeping. Like a cat I managed to sleep 18 of the last 24 hours. It's been a few days of me coughing, sneezing and aching. I can tell that I am seriously not well, because not even the internet gives me pleasure right now.
Off to take another dose of Rosi's 'Immune Boost' & 'Flu Away' and another round of ZZZZs....