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Monday, January 5, 2009

Temple In The Village

Most of the time when I step into a vegetarian restaurant, and particularly a vegan one, a feeling of comfort comes over me. In that sense I guess being a vegetarian is akin to being religious. I imagine that a religious person might feel something similar when stepping into a place of worship.
Today I grabbed a little food at Temple In The Village, a small and simple Asian vegetarian buffet near NYU at 74 West 3rd Street. The food is well priced and you can load up on lots of steamed vegetables, indulge with a little fried vegge paddy or spring roll too and listen to a bit of Chopin while doing so (heavenly!). The service is also good and I always get a smile with my food.


Lane said...

I'm a veggie also, and I definitely know what you mean! It's nice to sit down for a meal, take a look at the menu and know that everything on it is something you can eat. :) But veggie places often have good vibes, too, since it seems like a lot of those places (if they aren't veggie/vegan just for a gimmick) started because the founders actually enjoy creating good vegetarian food.

nina said...

Yes, I think you are right. I also think that most of those places are started by people who try to live a violence free life and how can that not create good vibes?! :)