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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back to Photography

Big Magazine Issue 30 © StefanRuiz/Big

About time for me to blog about photography again.
Stefan Ruiz is an artist I greatly respect. Several years back Stefan Ruiz photographed a series titled "Our Town" for BIG Magazine's 30th issue. 'Youth American Style' was the theme that time. I first saw this work at my friend Emily's house and remember talking with her about how much we loved those images. They were just right on.
Right now if you head over to 20x200 you can purchase two beautiful landscapes (one depicting Cairo, the other a landscape in Bolivia) prints by Stefan Ruiz.

Race Hose Resting © Ellen Rennard

And speaking about photographers, if you head over to the Nymphoto Blog you can read a (re)post by the formidable Ellen Rennard. And if you haven't yet, check out Ellen's series "Racetrack Lives" at her site: www.ellenrennard.com (which I was first introduced to by Cara & Amy via WIPNYC).
Horses are the ties that bind ;)

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