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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jason Florio

from Makasutu © Jason Florio

Via PDN's Picture of the Day I came across the work of Jason Florio, who currently has a show up in Chelsea.

I like work best that has content, is ethically sound and that shows a command of the medium. Thus it is no surprise that I love Jason's "Makasutu" series. These are beautiful portraits and I don't sense that the sitters were being exploited --as unfortunately otherwise often is the case.
Find out more about this work at: www.floriophoto.com or get a copy of the book via blurb.com.

And if you are in New York stop by:

Jason Florio
Messineo Art Projects
Wyman Contemporary

227 West 29th Street (#111)
New York
-through April 25, 2009

from Makasutu © Jason Florio

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