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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Love Song to the 8700g

I heart my Blackberry 8700g.
I rock it old skool like that.
That thing is indestructible & reliable. The keyboard is so comfortable. The speakerphone is awesome. And I love the track wheel . I love the track wheel so much that I am have been writing letters to RIM asking them to please bring the track wheel back (while of course singing the praises of the 8700g over all).
Often people tease me about my old smart phone, and yes perhaps it could use a camera or a better resolution, and it certainly is not as pretty as the i-phone, but ultimately it does all I really need and it does it well (worldwide mind you).
Users of newer blackberry models mostly halt their mocking once I remind them what a workhorse the 8700 is. If you have used the 8700 series you know it is good stuff.
My husband told me yesterday that President Obama also is/was an avid user of the Blackberry 8700 series.
I wonder if his new more secure Blackberry has a track wheel and whether a track wheel on the left would be more comfortable for someone left handed?
Either way I like that President Obama stuck to the phone that worked & suited him, and felt no need to purchase the newest gimmick. Perhaps we have entered a new age of reason.

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